Convert MPEG files to MP4 and other formats with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate — 2022

If you work with videos on a daily basis, you are surely tired of searching the internet for converters to convert from one format to another quickly. It is true that there are many alternatives on the net but the vast majority in the end do not give an expended result and we are left frustrated and above all we lose our precious time.

That is why, after researching various alternatives online to be much more productive when working with video files, we have found a software that has undoubtedly received incredible ratings from users, since it guarantees a quality video conversion without manipulate its quality and above all without changing parameters without your knowledge. This program is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate , which we are going to talk about in this article and will allow us to go from MPEG to MP4 without any problem.

Wondershare Video Converter, the MPEG to MP4 converter that should not be missing on your Mac

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate stands out for all the incredible features that it incorporates in an interface that is not confusing at all, on the contrary, it is very intuitive . This is very positive because although it is a complex application due to the number of features, it seems very simple thanks to the design of the interface.

This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows and is capable of working with most of the video formats that you can find in your day to day. In addition to converting our video files as well incorporates different editing tools so that we can make cuts or even add our watermark to creation.

The Main features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate are the following:

  • It supports batch tasks, giving us the possibility to convert different videos at the same time.
  • Converting a video from MP3 to MP4 is really easy with this tool.
  • Possibility of making recordings locally on our Mac or PC.
  • convert video to mp3 on mac.
  • Smart transfer to iOS, Android and even external hard drives adapting the format to the most appropriate for each of the devices where we export the work.
  • Compatibility with local video files and those stored on external devices such as iOS and Android mobiles.
  • Possibility of recording data on a CD through integrated reader.
  • Preview availability to be able to see the work we are doing at all times.

How to Convert MPEG File to MP4 with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The conversion that you probably do most often if you work in this audiovisual world is the conversion from MPEG to MP4 and in the following guide we will try to give you the different steps that you must follow in order to do this conversion with this software without any problem.

The first thing you should obviously do is download the software and start it on your Mac. When you open it by default, a window will pop up to open the file that you want to convert from format. We will simply choose the file and click Open. If it is true that once this step is passed we can drag any file to the program from the Finder and they will incorporate it instantly without having to search for it manually from here.

Once we have the file to convert in the software, we will go to the upper right corner as you see in the following image to the option that says Convert all files to... and next to it we will click to display a menu where a series of options will appear. The menu that opens gives us numerous tools since we will be able to choose the video or audio format to convert to, in our case MP4, and we will also select the video compression that we want and even the video resolution.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

If in this step we only choose a specific video format, the rest of the parameters such as resolution will not change and will be exported at the original resolution, something very positive about this software that will not do anything behind your back.

Once we have specified that we want to convert our MPEG file to .mp4 we simply have to press the Convert button to start the conversion process to the desired format. Obviously there is no fixed time for conversions since it will depend on the quality of the video, its duration and the type of computer you have.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

When the process is finished, we will have the possibility to rename our project and also add the path where we want all our work to be saved , although we can also open the containing folder that exists by default.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Without a doubt, converting a video file from MPEG to MP4 is a really simple task with the right software, such as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, which saves you a lot of time and, above all, headaches.