Convert any video from your Mac to the mp3 audio format — 2022

The video format is not always the most suitable for all circumstances. There is certain content that perhaps can be consumed without the need to be watching it, either because it does not provide anything visually relevant or for any other reason that makes the experience feel more comfortable by putting only our ears. You can convert video files to mp3 on macOS in a relatively simple way if you know what tools to use, which is precisely what we will see in this article.

Programs on macOS to convert files to mp3

The most comfortable and complete way to convert your videos to mp3 format is with a complete application that offers this functionality. Its drawback is that many of them are paid, either unique or subscription. However, it will be tremendously useful for you to always have one of them installed on your computer if you often have to resort to this type of tool.

Audio Converter Lite

If you are looking for a simple program that takes up little space, this is probably one of the best options. It's available in the Mac's own App Store, so its security is beyond question. It is not one of the most used but it can serve perfectly.

audio converter lite

Its interface is in English, which is not a problem in many cases because it is tremendously intuitive even for those who do not master the language of Shakespeare. Of course, there will be certain settings that if you do not master the language you may have to find out what they mean.

Audio Converter Lite Audio Converter Lite Descargar QR-Code Audio Converter Lite Developer: Fatima Malagouen

Apowersoft Video Converter

This application It is one of the most complete that we can find in this sense, since despite not being perfect, it offers a multitude of functionalities beyond converting video formats to audio formats. Another interesting aspect of it is that sound quality is not lost after the conversion, although for this you must make sure that the video already has good quality audio at the source.

Apowersoft Mac Video Converter

Its interface is tremendously intuitive and it even has an easy-to-use video editor that, despite not being the tool that we are looking for in this sense, can be of real help to make certain montages that you want to do on another occasion in which you don't want to just convert videos to mp3.

WinX Video Converter

Despite having an interface with airs reminiscent of older versions of macOS, the truth is that this program It is still fully functional today for the task we want to entrust to it. Another of its weak points is that it is not the fastest in its conversions, but despite this, it is capable of high-quality processing.

WinX Video Converter

It allows you to add videos from local storage or from some Internet URL, so you can transform practically any video file to an mp3 audio format with good quality. Although the settings that it has may seem scarce on some occasions, the truth is that it brings the just and necessary ones so as not to get lost between configurations and we can focus on what most interests us.

UniConverter- Video converter

This application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and is one of the most complete for everything related to transforming formats of all kinds. Obviously converting an mp4 or any other video to mp3 is one of its strengths. Like any previous one that we have mentioned, it is available in English, but it is not a major problem either.

UniConverter- Video converter mac

Beyond the possibility of converting videos to mp3, it has other powerful tools such as a video editor or tools that allow you to add subtitles to them. It even has the ability to record your Mac screen or burn CDs and DVDs if you still use these formats. If you are going to take advantage of more features like these, it will probably be worth paying its download price, which is less than 10 euros.

UniConverter-Video Converter UniConverter-Video Converter Descargar QR-Code UniConverter-Video Converter Developer: Wondershare Technology Group Co.,LTD

Websites with which to convert videos to mp3

The following web pages are used to carry out this process of converting a video to mp3 online, without the need to install anything on the Mac. This can be beneficial when it comes to saving storage space on your Mac and even not having to waste time downloading applications if it is a one-off task. However, it must be said that many of these pages have size limits for conversions, requiring in most cases a payment or subscription to access more. There are many of this type beyond those that we will teach in this post, so here you will find some of the most used and that we can verify that they work correctly.

This tool We already saw it when talking about applications and it stands out for the possibility of also offering a web version that can also be very useful if the size of the video that we want to convert is not excessively large. As soon as you enter you will see a box in which you can paste a link to the video in question, although it also allows you to add videos stored on the Mac and even search for them on the Internet through its own search engine.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, we can select certain settings before starting the conversion to the mp3 audio format. Of course, it is a page that is usually under maintenance, which makes us think that it is probably due to a strategy to download its application and since we have already commented on it previously, it is still not a bad option.

This page It is one of the best known for carrying out this type of process. It has the possibility of uploading the video files from the Mac itself, through the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage services and also from a URL.

The way to carry out the process is extremely simple, having only to select the origin of the file as we have previously commented, then selecting the mp3 format, choosing the quality and finally clicking on convert. It must be said that the files can be converted to other formats such as wav, iPhone ringtone, m4a and more. In the advanced configuration we find other settings such as the bit rate, sampling frequency, number of channels and the possibility of adding fades at the beginning or end of the audio.

Another of the most used pages for these types of tasks. Perhaps its main drawback is that it is full of advertising that is sometimes very intrusive, which can be very annoying. In any case, it is another option that we have available and that, like the previous one, allows us to enter a video through different sources such as our own Mac, Dropbox, Google Drive or a URL.

Once the file has been selected we find settings such as bit rate, sampling rate or channels. It is also possible to trim the audio by selecting the minutes and seconds in which we want it to start and when we want it to end. It allows you to save all the settings for future conversions, although for this you will have to register on the page.

Unlike the previous ones, this online tool it does not have the possibility to add videos from the internet or a cloud storage service. It doesn't have a very glamorous interface either and its amount of advertising also stands out, however it is one of the safest, since as they themselves assure, the files are deleted from their servers after an hour has passed.

On the page itself you will find all the possibilities of conversions that they offer, being the video to mp3 the one that most interests us for the matter. Just choose the file from your Mac's drive, wait for it to load, and start the conversion. It also has settings for the mp3 audio that you will obtain, so there is not much difference in this regard with what we found on the previous pages.

And to go from mp3 to video?

Unfortunately this is not technically possible for a simple reason. Videos are made up of several frames that make up the visual part and one or more audio tracks. These tracks can be separated from the images and thus obtain an mp3 file as we have seen in previous programs and web pages. However an mp3 file cannot output images because basically they don't exist. If they can be used to assemble videos with the images that you want to insert through a video editor; You can even make it a video with audio, but with the images completely black. But no, you won't be able to automatically extract a video from an mp3 because, as the saying goes, where there isn't one, you can't get it.