Convert any video from your iPhone into an mp3 file — 2022

Converting multimedia files is a task that must be done with some frequency for some specific situations. Above all, it can be done with the aim of being able to play it anywhere or extract the audio in an .mp3 format. All this can be easily achieved through an application and even a web page. We tell you all the details of how to convert a video to mp3 format on your device easily.

MP3 and other formats that can be converted

In the day-to-day management of video files, you can find an endless number of different formats that, on many occasions, may not be reproduced correctly by some services. That is why you should choose to convert them to a much more universal format. In another order of matters, it can also be the case that you want to extract the audio from a traditional video. This is something that can be achieved by converting any video into a file in .mp3 format.

video format

There are many options that can be found to carry out this process on an iPad or an iPhone. You can choose applications from the App Store or also web pages from which you can access at any time from Safari. Below we tell you all the details to be able to do it in both methods step by step.

Application to do it comfortably on iPad and iPhone

One of the most comfortable ways to convert is without a doubt through an application. In the App Store you can find a large number of apps that are intended to convert video files into an MP3 format. In this way it is possible to isolate all the audio of this in a totally independent file. One of the easiest to use apps found on the App Store is 'AudioConvert'. When you open it, a blank list will appear with all those videos that you have imported into the application.

If you do not have any, in the upper right corner you have the + icon on which you must click. Here you have the options to import the video both from the iPhone or iPad photo library as well as from iCloud Drive or the device's internal storage by being able to manage the 'Files' application from here. When choosing the video, it will appear on the main screen of the application with the name that has been given as well as the weight it has.

audio converter

In order to access all the conversion options, an 'i' inside a circle will appear next to the file. Clicking on this will open a drop-down menu at the bottom to be able to choose the option you want to apply. These include the following: Extract Audio (Easy), Extract Audio, Convert Video, and Compress Video. In order to convert to an MP3 file, you simply have to choose 'Extract audio'.

Among the options that appear you can choose the format, which is MP3 by default, as well as the time interval. Here you can easily choose the time frame you want to have in the resulting file in the audio extraction that is going to be performed. Added to this is also the volume that can be adjusted to your liking depending on the original video as well as the audio channels, choosing whether you want a stereo or mono sound. And for a more advanced level you can also edit the sample rate and bit rate. Once all these parameters have been edited, you can click on 'start conversion' to obtain the result.

audio converter

Once this is done, the resulting file will be found in the 'processed' tab. Next to it you will find another 'i' enclosed in a circle on which to press. Then go to the 'More' section and here you can simply choose 'Open it...'. In this way you will be able to export it to the files of your device or share it easily through a messaging application or others. And most importantly, this is a totally free application, although it has an interface that isn't very good, but without a doubt, it more than fulfills its function.

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Website to convert anywhere

Although the fact of using applications is always much more comfortable when talking about making a conversion on iPhone or iPad, sometimes they may not be convincing. That is why you can use other options that are on the internet and that are equally valid tools. One of the most common is undoubtedly the website that includes many different options to customize the conversion to be carried out. When accessing this website you will find a green box at the top where you will be asked to upload the video in question to be converted.

This section includes many ways to upload a specific file. The main ones are through Dropbox upload, Google Drive and even through external site URLs. But if you have the video on your own iPhone and even in iCloud, you simply have to click on 'Select files' to access the photo library and even by clicking on 'Explore' you can enter the internal storage of the iPhone or iPad. It is important to choose a video as such and not an image, otherwise it will not appear correctly on the web page. Once integrated, the specific file will appear at the bottom of the green box with the weight of the file in question.

Audio online convert

Once it has been uploaded, a series of interesting criteria can be applied to obtain a result that is as personalized as possible. Specifically, in the lower part of the space dedicated to uploading the multimedia file, you can modify the audio bit rate, modify the sampling rate, and even modify the audio channels to choose between mono and stereo. And to go much further, you can cut the audio specifically to have a fragment of the entire video in your possession passed to an MP3 format in audio only. Added to this is also the possibility of normalizing the audio or eliminating the cover image. In this way, it is possible to have the result that best suits your personal tastes.

Once all these parameters have been entered, you can click on 'Start conversion'. The process will take a few minutes, always depending on the weight of the original file. In the event that you are working with Safari on your iPhone or iPad, the result will be stored in the downloads folder of the device. This way you can easily export it to any other application or save it in the cloud service that suits you best.

Access web converter

This is a fairly complete web tool that supports up to 50 different original file formats. Here is included OGG, AMR, WMV, WMA, WAV, FLV, MOX o RAM . They are also constantly expanding to make it compatible with many other formats, although the main ones are covered in this way. And all this for free, which is undoubtedly the most interesting.