Control your Windows PC from your own iPhone — 2022

A PC with the Windows operating system and the Apple ecosystem can be seen to be very far from each other and there is no possibility of interconnection. But the truth is that there are ways to integrate and control a simple Windows computer that anyone can have at home with the iPhone. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to do it.

Prepare the PC to be controlled

To be able to remotely control a computer with Windows, you must first activate the necessary options for it. For security these are always disabled by default so if you are not going to use this feature it is best to have them disabled. In these situations, it is only recommended to activate it in those situations where you want to perform remote control.

To activate the remote desktop you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Access the properties of the PC.
  • Enter the first section called 'System'.
  • In the sidebar at the end you will find the section 'Remote desktop'.
  • Activate the section that you will find at the beginning.

windows remote control

In this same section of the configuration you can customize the experience, such as making the PC visible to private networks or keeping the computer always on so that there are no problems such as turning off in the middle of remote control. Once this is done, you should have the connection port well pointed out. You will find this in the 'advanced settings' section at the end. Normally the input port is 3389.

Install the necessary tools on the iPhone

Once you have everything ready on the PC, you can proceed to configure the iPhone. With this you will have complete control of your computer, being able to open folders, search the Internet, among many other tasks. For this, you will need to have the official Microsoft control tool installed, which is undoubtedly the most reliable as well as the safest that you can have as it offers optimal operation.

microsoft remote desktop

Added to this is the need to always be connected to an internet network, but with caution. It is necessary to avoid at all costs the fact of using those networks that are public. We must bear in mind that you will be accessing your computer through an unreliable network that can be used by different hackers to access all your information.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Microsoft Remote Desktop Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Remote Desktop Developer: Microsoft Corporation

So you can activate the remote control from anywhere

Having already installed this application, you must configure it. When you run it, you will see that no computer will appear, so you have to click on the '+' icon in the upper right corner and choose 'Add PC'. It is important to click on the first option that says 'PC Name', where you must enter the local IP address in case you want to use it from your own home. But if you want to be connected from anywhere in the world you will have to enter your public IP address. You can easily find these on Google by entering 'what is my public IP'.

The next section is dedicated to user accounts. Here you must enter both the email and the password that are linked to your PC. This is ideal in the event that there are different users on your computer and you only want to access one of the specific accounts.

By doing this, the connection with your PC will be ready. You simply have to go to the main view of the application and click on the section that will have been created dedicated to your computer. Clicking on this will start the connection with your computer remotely wherever you are through the input port that is configured. From that moment on, the computer will begin to flash and the session will be closed so that you can start it again with your iPhone.

remote windows iphone

What you can do by controlling your PC from iPhone

Once the connection has been made, there are many possibilities that open up to you. You can work from anywhere with your computer. Your finger will become the mouse itself, although other peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard can also be connected. In this way you will be able to use a PC as if you were in front of it when receiving the same response when making a query of the files or making a query through the Internet.

This can be especially useful for using programs that are computer specific and cannot be installed on the iPhone. It is without a doubt the best use that can be given to it since you will have the hardware of the PC and you will only see the transmission of the screen, being able to get all the necessary performance out of it.

Problems that may arise

When a connection is made through the internet, different complications can always arise. One of the most common without a doubt is that the link with your PC cannot be made due to the type of connection that is being applied. This in most cases is due to the existence of a firewall that is blocking the entry of external connections for your own security. This can be solved by disabling Windows Defender barriers, although always assuming the risk that something like this can have.

Another obstacle that the remote connection can encounter is that the port is closed. This is something quite common and with a simple solution by entering the router's own configuration and opening the port that we have previously mentioned, 3389. From this moment on, the connection should be satisfactory in most cases, having allowed the port itself. access to your router. This is something that can happen especially when it comes to making the connection from outside your home.

Other alternatives to the official Microsoft method

In addition to making use of the systems offered by Microsoft, there are also other alternatives. These are not as efficient or internalized in the Windows 10 operating system itself as is the case with the Microsoft Connect app. Among them is how could it be otherwise Team Viewer which is mainly used in the field of connection between computers. It also has an application for iPhone in which you can enter the code that appears on your PC as well as the password to access your computer from anywhere and be used without problems.

team viewer iphone

TeamViewer Remote Control TeamViewer Remote Control Descargar QR-Code TeamViewer Remote Control Developer: TeamViewer Germany GmbH

The second of the options that can be used is ApowerMirror which is limited by the fact that it has to be connected to the same WiFi network as the PC. It also has the advantage of being very versatile and easy to use by any user, regardless of their level of computing, because it is quite intuitive.


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