Connection between Apple Watch and Android, is it possible? — 2022

There are many users who put the Apple Watch as one of the best smartwatches on the market. And it is known that, how could it be otherwise, they are fully compatible with iPhone. However, based on this, doubts arise about whether it is possible to use them with an Android device. Can they be linked? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about it.

About linking an Apple watch to Android

The short answer is that cannot be linked the same way as on an iPhone. Apple from day one has wanted its smart watches not to leave its ecosystem, vetoing the link to other mobiles that do not have iOS as the operating system. The link only works through the Watch application that we find on the apple smartphone. This is the only way to do the pairing, since it cannot be connected via Bluetooth like any other peripheral, or as it happens with watches from other companies.

And the truth is that this may not be understood by many people, but it is a reality. It is true that if the Apple Watch were open to various operating systems, its sales could grow even more, but Apple has designed the product to be in tune with the iPhone and make it compatible with Android, it is possibly something that they do not have in mind due to the complexity that it would entail, in addition to losing that aura of exclusivity that they try to sell to the user. Without the Apple mobile device, the watch begins to lack meaning, but who knows if in the future they will open the borders a little and allow different users to link their Apple Watch.

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But if this day comes at some point we will see a watch that is quite limited. The clearest example can be found in the AirPods that can be paired via Bluetooth on any Android device, but there are some limitations. The most obvious is that we will not be able to use the voice assistant, nor will we be able to use some functions such as the ambient mode of the AirPods Pro. The same is extrapolated to the Apple Watch, since if in the end there were a way to connect them (which the there is) we could only receive notifications for example. This does not happen with competing equipment that does allow you to connect to the iPhone like a Xiaomi bracelet.

How to force minimal compatibility

Although the theory tells us that it is not possible to use an Apple Watch on an Android device, as we have already been telling you, there is a way to bypass this rule in a certain way. But as we have said before, if we bet on this 'trick' we must sacrifice many of the features of the watch And it may not even be worth it. To do the trick the most important thing is that you have a version with LTE , that is, that supports a mobile data connection. Once you have this premise totally clear, you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. The first thing is that you must have your Apple Watch linked to an iPhone in the normal way, whether it is yours or not.
  2. Make a test call from Apple Watch to any contact.
  3. Turn off the iPhone.
  4. Turn off the Apple Watch.
  5. Take out the SIM card from the iPhone and put it into the Android device which should also be turned off.
  6. Turn on the Android device.
  7. Turn on the Apple Watch.

How Linking Technically Works

Surely many users think that by following these steps they already have their Android phone linked to the Apple Watch, but the truth is that they are working independently. What really happens is that we force the watch with LTE to become independent of the iPhone so that it does not depend on it to perform some of the vital functions

Obviously, having the LTE connection activated always makes the battery suffers , and enough. Not only at the level of consumption, which also, but in the long term you will be causing it to suffer greater deterioration. In the future, who knows if we will see a dedicated application on Android devices, although for now you will have to settle for these methods.

Other doubts about this process

Regarding what was previously mentioned, it is possible that you have some doubts. In the following sections, we will answer what to do if you have a Watch in a GPS version or what the real user experience is like when you have the LTE version linked to an Android device.

What about the Apple Watch GPS?

In the event that you have an Apple Watch that only has a GPS connection and no mobile data, you will not be able to force any type of compatibility. This is a key requirement for what technically this little trick works. For this to be possible, Apple would have to include an app in the Play Store that allows linking. This should obviously work similar to the Clock found in iOS.

Therefore, if you have an Apple Watch in its normal version, you should know that it can only be used via Wi-Fi and with the iPhone nearby connected via Bluetooth. It's not that it's amazing what can be done with the LTE version, but in these GPS versions you won't even be able to have anything similar. So if this is your case, discard the idea completely.

This is the experience of using Android

Although there is a minimal possibility of being able to connect an Apple Watch to a device that has Android installed, it is not the most efficient. It is a fact that Apple watches are not too cheaply priced. That is why it is not the smartest thing to want to cover many of its functions in exchange for using it on a mobile for which it was not designed. As with other devices from the company, the best experience is achieved if you stay within the ecosystem itself.

It is for all this that the experience of using an Apple Watch with a mobile phone that is not an iPhone is disastrous. It is highly vetoed as we have commented throughout this post and that is why it cannot be recommended. There are certainly many other multi-brand options on the market that do not discriminate against brands. This means that at any time you can use a watch from another brand, regardless of the mobile you have in your possession right now. This will allow you to make use of many functions, such as monitoring your exercise or your health, and also concentrate all the notifications. And all this you will not be able to use with an Android.

From our point of view, after being able to test it, the only thing worth having the watch in hand while using an Android mobile was to see the time. And if it is limited to only this, there is certainly a serious problem. And it is that the intelligent tagline is completely lost. It is because of that There's no point in having an Apple Watch if you don't have an iPhone. and it is undoubtedly one of the best conclusions that can be given.

Features available to you

This will help you, in a way, to use the Apple Watch with the Android device. Although we insist on emphasizing that functions are very limited . You will be able to make and receive calls without any problem, as well as use some apps that work individually without needing an iPhone.

You will also find in the watchOS App Store a catalog of apps that you can install without them being on an iPhone. Although in the end you must be clear that the watch must still be linked to an iPhone . Therefore, it may not be worth it to buy an Apple Watch having these minimal functions and knowing that it will have to be linked to an iOS device that is probably not yours.

It should be noted that some health function such as doing ECG or measuring heart rate will still be possible. Of course, the data will be transferred to the Health app of the iPhone to which they are linked, without any possibility of consulting them through the Android device. Simply, you will be able to see the data first on your Apple Watch, with the lack of some parameters that are usually very relevant for the first diagnosis prior to visiting a doctor.

Will the clock be able to be used in the future on Android?

This is one of the big questions that many people try to answer daily. A priori it is something that seems practically impossible. This is because the Apple Watch is part of a large ecosystem of products, and if Apple opens up the watch to other operating systems, it will obviously result in far fewer people staying in the ecosystem. But it is not something completely new, since we all know that Apple is a totally hermetic company in these senses.

A priori, it will not be possible to configure an Apple Watch on an Android, although logic dictates that they open it, in this way, in the end, they will have many more sales from the Android market. But this is something that a billionaire company really cares little about.