Congratulations fans! Servant has returned to Apple TV +: all its news — 2022

For the most fanatical, the wait will have been long, but theServant Season 2 on Apple TV+. The series created by M. Night Shyamalan said goodbye to its first season almost a year ago, on January 17, 2020 and today, January 15, 2021, it is back with the premiere of its eleventh chapter, which is the first of the second season and that serves as a preview to the next 9 that will arrive to close this new round. We tell you everything you need to know now

Warning: If you have not seen the complete first season of Servant, we recommend you not to continue reading, since there could be spoilers for those episodes already broadcast during the advance of the new ones.

What new do we see now in Servant?

The first chapter of this second season is titled Doll , something very iconic in the series if we take into account who Jericho really is today, since we remember that Sean was forced to buy a reborn baby in order to help Dorothy overcome the trauma caused by the death of her son . In this first episode there are already a series of brushstrokes of what will be the whole season, in which we were promised supernatural twists that we can already confirm that they will be present in each of the episodes. In this particular one we witness the hours after Leanne's departure in the final chapter of the first season.

2x01 Servant

Dorothy searches for the nanny and her son Jericho, for which she mounts an unprecedented operation and hopes to enlist the help of her brother and her husband. They continue to hide the truth from Dorothy and do not dare to take the step of explaining everything that happened, a strange feeling that adds to the darkness that it is for them to begin to be aware of what is happening in her life. Who is Leanne really? She Is she dead she really she? During the 26 minutes that this eleventh chapter lasts, unknowns begin to be resolved and new ones created.

There will be more seasons for sure

More than a year ago it became known that the creator of this series had in mind to shoot up to 60 episodes and if we take into account that Apple TV + is doing 10-episode seasons, we would still have 5 more seasons left if we have the new one that ends brand new Although unfortunately this information cannot be confirmed, since the Cupertino company is the one who has the last word and for the moment it has only given the green light to the third season. Precisely this was confirmed weeks after the premiere of this second and it is intuited that its premiere will take place in early 2022.

Servant has become one of the star series of Apple TV + and although it is true that its production was in line with what is happening, many critics and users did not bet so much in the months before its premiere because they had their eyes on others big productions loaded with stars such as The Morning Show or See. However, more than a year later, we can affirm that this series is already leaving its mark on viewers and surely the viewing figures for this new episode set a record figure on the platform, although unfortunately it will be difficult to know because Apple does not usually offers public audience data.