Confirmed: Apple is still working on the folding iPhone — 2022

Mobile phones that can be folded are still not abundant on the streets, because it is something really new and whose technology makes them have a high price. Companies like Samsung or Huawei have made a strong commitment to this type of device, while others like Apple continue to work on their first prototypes. The philosophy that the Californian company is following is basically that of not being the first but being the best (or at least that is what they claim). That is why rumors continue that the company is still working on a new folding iPhone and in this article we show you the latest patent that proves it.

New patent shows advances in the foldable iPhone

As reported Patently Apple , the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a new Apple patent that shows different foldable iPhones. This new patent shows electronic devices that have housings with walls formed of transparent and opaque materials. This device may have a front wall and a rear wall that are opposite.

In short, progress is shown in the necessary technology to be able to have an iPhone that can be folded correctly as seen in the different images of the document. It must be taken into account that this type of panel requires greater complexity than the usual ones and if we have already seenproblems with colors on the iPhone 12 screen, you can imagine that adjusting all these details in flexible panels becomes tremendously complicated.

foldable iphone

What the patent clearly makes us think is that Apple is still working on a new folding model for its smartphones. There has always been a lot of division between the different analysts about whether the company should carry out a launch of this type, but in the end there are many patents that are in the name of Apple and that point in this direction. If it is true that on some occasions you can see the case that a company registers different patents that do not end up seeing the light, but when there are already several patents that are registered, it gives serious indications that they intend to carry it out.

Will these iPhone end up on the market?

One of the big questions that can be asked in this regard is when we will see a folding iPhone on the market. Despite the fact that there are many rumors on the market and the patents that are published by Apple, one thing is quite clear: They will not see each other this year and probably not in 2022 . Keep in mind that these devices can cause different problems in their operation. This is something that has been clearly seen in Samsung's foldables, highly criticized for their initial failures despite the fact that they already seem to be very advanced and on the verge of presenting a new 'Fold' on August 11.

foldable iphone patent

Apple is clear that it wants to ensure absolute success and is not going to release any folding iPhone until they are totally sure that it will work well. This means that it may take several years or even decide not to launch it on the market, although at the moment everything seems to be going well according to their own plans. Be that as it may, we will continue to be attentive to new information that continues to shed a little more light on the matter.