They confirm a new, more powerful Apple TV with a new remote — 2022

We don't know if they will change too muchApple TV 4K 2021 features, which would already be in its sixth generation, but it seems clear that this year we will see it and in fact it could be very soon. We have been hearing reports of the launch of a new player from the Californian company for several months and everything indicates that it will have relevant developments in terms of processor and control.

The Apple TV remote will change to the delight of many

The Siri Remote introduced in the Apple TV HD and continued in the 4K model has brought more than one headache for some users. Really, when you know how it works, it is not difficult to move around with it, however, many end up resorting tomanage apple tv from iphonewith the driver enabled for this device. Given the criticism, it seems that Apple is going to change it as it has been commenting in recent months. In fact, hints have appeared in the code of tvOS 14.5 and now it has been the means 9to5Mac which, based on its own sources, has confirmed that a new controller is indeed being worked on. At the moment its format and functionalities are unknown.

Apple TV Siri Remote

It would come equipped with one of the best processors

The fifth and latest generation of the player so far, the Apple TV 4K, comes equipped with an A10X Fusion chip that at the time was the most powerful chip that even the iPad Pro was equipped with. Of Apple's own processors, the M1 is the most powerful, having the A12Z of the iPad Pro 2020 as the benchmark in non-Mac devices. Well, it is precisely this chip that could mount this new Apple TV.

And why so much power? Well, it is said that it seeks to promote Apple Arcade, the company's video game platform with which they intend to launch triple A video games, which would need a powerful chip such as the A12Z. For this they would also have to increase the RAM memory and probably create an improved ventilation system. However, there is also talk of versions with another chip that may be cheaper and focused on the public that only seeks to play multimedia content through it.

Apple Arcade

Will the interface be redesigned with tvOS 15?

Other rumors that are sounding the most are not so much related to hardware as to software. Some analysts close to Apple claimed that the next version of the operating system would come with a complete redesign of the interface. If it ends up being true, we would be witnessing a great change with tvOS 15, more so if we take into account its few developments in recent years.

The launch could be in April

Discarded the March event and without the possibility of launching by press release except for surprise, everything indicates that April will definitely be the month of Apple's first releases of the year. Among the devices that are rumored to come out would be this new Apple TV, which we also do not know if it will have some kind of nickname, since it would still be 4K and calling it the same as the previous one would confuse. In any case, we will be attentive to possible new indications of this happening and, of course, if it is launched by surprise at some point in the coming weeks.