Conditions to exchange your iPhone for a new one for free — 2022

Is it possible to get an iPhone for free and from Apple? The answer is yes, but with conditions. It is not a trick that involves cheating the brand or getting it in some unlawful or illegal way, but rather the company can offer you a completely free replacement device, but always in exchange for yours and that a series of factors are met . For this reason, in this article we explain in detail what you have to do to do so.

Your iPhone must have problems

It may seem very obvious, but Apple doesn't change an iPhone just like that . If your iPhone has any type of failure, be it hardware or software, it may not be possible to repair it. Or that at least the company considers that it is not worth the wait until it is carried out and therefore offers you another new iPhone.

Of course, it cannot be just any problem and it has to be verified by the company itself through its diagnostic execution methods and tools. The problems of software They are less common in these phone change processes, since they are almost always resolved by restoring the operating system or with a new iOS update. With other aspects such as screen o la battery It is resolved with a repair that, as a general rule, is carried out on the same day and therefore you do not need to receive a new device.

Telephone changes are carried out when an irreparable failure occurs or is related to the motherboard or requires changing a component that is not available in stock. It's a quick way for the company to save the customer time, then leaving that iPhone for possible more extensive repairs, but without your data stored and with the certainty that you have a fully operational phone.

However, you must take into account the warranty of the iPhone, since there are some free repairs that are included in this and others that go hand in hand with AppleCare + , the company's extended warranty service. If this essential condition does not occur, you will have to pay the cost of the replacement, unless one of the conditions that we tell you below occurs.

Other conditions to take into account

This is not usually something usual, but on some occasions a batch of iPhones with some factory defect . In these cases, they always open a free repair program so that all those who have that problem and want to correct it can attend technical support. Sometimes this problem is not easily fixed and the solution is to offer a new iPhone at no additional cost.

You can also get a free iPhone in case you suffer a lost or stolen and have some type of insurance contracted. There are some third-party services that cover these matters without the need to pay an additional franchise if necessary. The way these act, generally, is usually to pay the cost of the device in your account after showing the original purchase invoice, being able to later go with that money to buy another phone at Apple.

How to proceed to have the new iPhone

apple technical support website

As we said at the beginning, your iPhone has to present a fault that leads to a possible replacement. It really is difficult sometimes to know if you will be able to obtain a replacement or not, but in all cases you must act Going to official Apple technical support . There are several ways, either through your website, your support app, by calling or going in person to an Apple Store. The moment you have an appointment at the Genius Bar, they will attend to your problem and that is when they can offer you this solution.

Is the replacement iPhone really new?

No and yes. As a general rule, these are iPhones refurbished by the company itself. These come from other faulty iPhones that have been repaired and key parts such as the battery, screen, and chassis have been replaced with completely new and original ones. They also pass strict tests to verify their correct operation. It may also be the case that these phones do not present any fault and are simply not new because they have been returned within the estimated period by a dissatisfied buyer, in those cases the phone is checked to see if it works and the same tests are passed. Therefore they are practically new phones. It should be noted that this iPhone cannot be customized , since it will be exactly the same as yours. Both in the model and its color and capacity will be identical.

A situation that usually occurs on rare occasions is that the iPhone that you are going to get a replacement for does not have stock of this type because it is a device that has not been on the market for a long time. In these cases, Apple has no choice but to offer you a completely new phone, in its original box and you being the first person to unpack it.

They can give you even a better iPhone

iphone replacement

It is possible that, for example, you have a damaged iPhone 6s and end up leaving the store with an iPhone 7. This, like the last point of the previous section, is unlikely, but not impossible. There are times when some devices are no longer available in stock because they are discontinued, so the solution that the company will give you will be to offer you the next model that came out after yours. Of course, they will try to make it have the same characteristics in terms of internal storage capacity.

This case is unlikely due to the fact that people who have an iPhone that has already been discontinued have bought it years ago, so it is out of warranty. However, there are third-party stores that offer older iPhones at a good price and completely new ones, so Apple has the legal obligation to offer you a guarantee for the first year and that is why you can go to a store and receive a more modern model being your phone new in essence, but old when it comes to launch.