Close your rings, Apple's new campaign so you don't stop moving — 2022

Apple starts a healthy living campaign through the Apple Watch , where he invites us to close the rings of Activity in our day to day.

There are no excuses, Californians do not want you to put obstacles to close the rings. From shopping, going up the stairs instead of using the elevator, or starting with a specific type of sport. The point is that you close your rings on a daily basis and avoid life sedentary .

As always, Apple tries to motivate us with a quick video, so fast each one barely lasts 15 seconds, but 15 seconds that go a long way as we will see below.

Everyday life with Apple Watch

Here we can see the video of Eric, an ordinary person who closes his rings with everyday actions, from walking, doing the shopping, climbing the stairs or even dancing while he is at home with the AirPods .

Always on the move with everyday actions, that's the idea. Something that is surely within the reach of any user, that is, take advantage of any time of the day to advance in the closing of the rings.

Daily training, even if it rains

Another of the new videos that Apple has just released on its channel YouTube from Australia (soon we should see it in Spain). It is about doing a sports activity with more requirement . There are no limits, any place can become our training place.

In the App Store we find a series of specific applications for sports, even Apple allied with Nike to pair an Apple Watch with a unique watch face and strap.

Have fun, at your own pace

With Yocelin Apple invites us to participate in activities with friends, from a basketball game to dancing. Any activity is good as long as we are moving.

Sedentary life is the new cancer, that's how forceful Tim Cook was and with this series of videos, Apple they make a statement of intent towards their customers. There are no excuses, close your rings, keep moving. If you want to know more about activity rings, we remind you this article about the new website of Californians dedicated to it. In the event that it is too easy to achieve this challenge, you canincrease targets on Apple Watch ringseasily.

What do you think of these new commercials?