Clips reaches its first million downloads on the App Store — 2022

One of the most important functions for which we use our smartphones is to take pictures or record videos. . We like to store memories of moments that are beautiful or that we like, because it is an option that our devices allow us with absolute ease (if the memory of smartphones does not fail us). They know that very well from Apple, so they have recently released a new application, Clips, which allows us to work with our images and videos to make unforgettable memories . And it seems that it has been a great success, since from what is known, the application has reached a million downloads in the App Store in a short time.

The new application of those from Cupertino, Clips, soon reaches its first million downloads

Apple's new Clips video editing app has managed to hit a million downloads in its first four days on the App Store, according to a story that used data from App Annie and Sensor Tower. The million downloads, as noted in the story, is App Annie's highest estimate of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 downloads. During the weekend following a release on Thursday of last week , the approximately one million downloads would not have allowed Clips to break the top 20 of the US App Store, since according to App Annie the app reached position 28.

An application with a great future in a very interesting market niche in mobile telephony

While the data only tracks charts from the US App Store specifically, the report notes that the US currently accounts for about a quarter of all download users . The United States is currently the largest market for Clip downloads (representing 25% ), they state from App Annie, followed by China (approximately 16% ), with Japan, Russia and Hong Kong rounding out the top five. Although the figures are improvable, we must understand that this niche of photography and video is overcrowded , with a great diversity of Apps, therefore, some data analyzed without understanding the context does not give an accurate analysis of the importance of the entry of Clips in this market. Analyzed in context , and understanding that large number of applications available, it is noted that Clips can establish itself as a reference video editing application.

What do you think about the important appearance of Clips and their download numbers? Your opinion is important to us.

Via: 9to5Mac