Chromecast and iPhone, the best alternative combination to Apple TV — 2022

If money does not give you to have an Apple TV in your home, one of the cheapest alternatives is the Chromecast. It is true that we are talking about a Google product, but luckily it is fully compatible. In this article we analyze all its features and what you can do with it.

What is a Chromecast

As we have mentioned before, the Chromecast is a device manufactured by Google that allows send media content from a computer, mobile or tablet to a television or monitor. This has revitalized many televisions that are not Smart, since now watching rented movies, for example, is extremely simple. We are also facing a device that has a very similar operation to that of the Apple TV but with a much cheaper price. That is why it can be tremendously recommended to get one, since it is very simple to use as we are going to explain.

Existing models and prices

There are different Chromecast models on the market that also offer very different functions. In the event that you simply want to make a shipment from the iPhone and have full control of the device, you can find the Chromecast 3 . There are different variables of this, one of them being the one that offers images in a Full HD resolution and another in a resolution higher than 4K. The price part from 39 euros and is available in both black and white. We are facing an extremely classic team that has been evolving until this, making the link as discussed below.


In addition to this, you can also find a model that integrates its own operating system, specifically the Chromecast con Google TV. It is the one that can most resemble an Apple TV due to the interaction that can be had. The download of applications can be done through the Google Store that is integrated into the device itself. This means that all the content does not have to be sent from the iPhone or any other device, as we will discuss below. The price part in this case from 69.99 euros and can be purchased in white, pink or blue. The design is longer but still maintains a fairly compact size that allows it to be installed comfortably on any television.

Linking the Chromecast and the iPhone

If you have a new Chromecast, to link it to your iPhone you simply have to download the 'Home' application that we find in the App Store. At the same time we must connect the Chromecast through the HDMI port to our television and to the electrical current with the charger that is included. Once this is done, we will configure it in the home application , previously logging into our account and entering the required data. These include, for example, the name of the house and the room where you are going to install the Chromecast so that it can work properly with voice commands.

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It is important to note that during the installation process a WiFi network will be requested. Whenever we want to interact with our Chromecast the iPhone you must be connected to this network to send the multimedia content properly. This is why we must choose well the network that we want to use. Once it's set up, we can pretty much forget about the Home app. It can be used to control the volume and also to invite someone to our house . By this they mean that we can add multiple users so they can use the device. If there are four of us in our house, we can allow it to be controlled from everyone's iPhone.

In the case of the Chromecast that integrates an operating system such as Google TV, the configuration varies slightly. As we have mentioned before, it does not depend directly on the iPhone, so the configuration process can be carried out through the command itself and by seeing the interface that it integrates. In short, the experience you have is very similar to the one you have on a smart television or Smart TV.

iPhone and Chromecast features

Once the Chromecast has been configured, you have to take into account the functions that can be had and how the content can be quickly shared. We explain it in detail below.

Cast media to Chromecast from iPhone

Over time, there are many applications that have been adapted to this Apple accessory. In most apps that offer multimedia content, a small option is included to be able to send it to the Chromecast. For example, if we enter Netflix in the lower right corner we will find a characteristic icon of a screen with stripes that simulate those of WiFi. This icon is extremely common and whenever we find it in an application we can touch it and select our Chromecast. We can say that this is the same icon as the 'AirPlay' icon in the Apple ecosystem. Pressing it on the screen will start executing this application and we will be able to enjoy these contents on television. With just a few taps we can have a Netflix movie on television or a simple YouTube video.

Obviously on the iPhone there are some native apps that don't have this option to connect to a Chromecast. For example Playing an Apple TV+ series is impossible to do in this accessory natively. If we want to rent a movie to watch it here we have to resort to the Play Movies or YouTube service. The truth is that practically all the apps that we find in the App Store are compatible, such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Twitch, Disney+, VodafoneTV and a long etcetera.

unify family units

Something quite positive about Chromecast is that it can be controlled by several people if a family is formed within Google. It has a similar operation to the families that can be made within Apple. Although they go a little further, since within each home you can specifically select who is part of it. In other words, if you have several houses, you can distribute your acquaintances between these two addresses.

In this way, not only you can control the device, but it also opens up to many other users. It will not be necessary to use your iPhone since with different Google accounts you will be able to adjust its configuration and send content in a very simple way. This is an experience very similar to that of a simple Apple TV in which anyone in the family can control it from their own device.

Play music in different ways

The Chromecast is never limited to a specific function. Although it can be thought, as we have mentioned before, that it is thinking to watch multimedia content such as series or movies, it can also be extended to other types of content. One of them is music, which although it will not show any type of image on the screen when it is connected to a television or a monitor, it does use its speakers. This is really interesting, because if you don't have a Smart TV that integrates this type of application, you can ultimately have a very powerful speaker in your room.

There are many applications that are used on a daily basis that are fully compatible with this system. For example, Spotify or YouTube, which are initially designed to be able to play on speakers. In the end, we are always faced with the case that the Chromecast turns the television or monitor into an external speaker, as we have previously commented, in order to play music.


The limitations that Chromecast has on an iPhone

Keep in mind that the Chromecast is a product developed by Google and that is why some limitations can be found in the case of the iPhone, because they are not really integrated. Below we show you the main limitations to take into account.

Enjoy games or share the screen

In the case of using the Chromecast with an Android device, there are many ways to play remotely on the TV. This is ideal if you don't have any kind of console such as a PlayStation or a Switch. This is something that cannot be done on an iPhone where there is no way to share the content with a television or a monitor to be able to carry out an exhaustive control from the iPhone as if it were a console control.

This is something that also applies to screen sharing as such on the monitor. If you have an Apple TV, it is something that is possible without too many problems, but in the case of chromecast, it changes completely. There is no possible option to be able to do it in a comfortable way, being quite limited due to the operating system that does not enable it for third-party developers, being a very important limitation to take into account.

Make use of native applications

All the features that we have discussed when it comes to sharing content from iPhone to television, is quite limited. It can only be done through third-party applications that are adapted to them, such as Netflix or Spotify. In the case of applications such as Apple Music or TV, this cannot be done. It is quite limited to the transmission system that is only approved by Apple, which is why we see a very important limitation.

This is a limitation that can be seen especially when viewing Apple TV + content. They cannot be shared to Chromecast comfortably, as it is limited only to the physical Apple TV itself. This is a relevant problem, although there are applications to be able to replicate the content from a Mac by recording the screen, the truth is that it is not comfortable at all.

Companion apps

But it is true that although most apps are compatible, sometimes we want to view content from a specific website. This can be done with different specialized applications for Chromecast and that we recommend you have installed on your iPhone or iPad.


App Store Casting

If you want to view the video of a web page, with Castio you can do it. With this application, an extension will be included in the browser so that when it is run, the videos on the web are detected so that they can be viewed on the Chromecast. The operation is tremendously simple and we recommend its installation. On some occasions it can end up failing but the truth is that it has a good system to capture the code of a video.

Although there are many applications that can be found, the problem lies above all in the web versions of the different pages. In these you cannot find the characteristic icon of Chromecast but this extension will be ideal for these cases. At any time you can comfortably transmit all the contents through the Chromecast easily.

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Streamer for Chromecast

If you want to see the photos or videos that you have stored in your gallery, with Streamer for Chromecast you can transmit them and view them comfortably on your television. In addition, thanks to its integrated browser you will be able to watch videos from the web on television that are not natively adapted to Chromecast. This is something that cannot be achieved natively with the Photos app.

Sharing images with a group of people through television is something really important to take into account and although it cannot be achieved natively, this ends up being supplied. In addition to the photos, you can also transmit the camera and the iPhone screen itself by recording it directly and sending the content through chromecast.

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Chromecast – TV Cast

Chromecast TV Cast

This application will be quite familiar to you since it has a design quite similar to that of Home. It has the possibility of sending the content that is seen through your camera as well as photos, video from Google Drive or Dropbox. It also integrates a small browser to be able to search for different contents to transmit to your television. All files can be shared easily and without any limits.

Aesthetics is undoubtedly the most impressive thing about it since it will be very integrated into the system. Although it looks like Home, you will not be controlling home automation devices, but here you will see all the icons of the options that arise to be able to send music, videos, files from the cloud or also from the camera itself.

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Video Stream for Chromecast

This application will act as an intermediary between the mobile device and the Chromecast device itself. The developers promise that the configuration is faster than any other type of application that can be found in the App Store. The only thing you will have to do is choose the video file that you want to play on your television. It is not necessary to run a server, since it will simply be sent simultaneously, so that it will not end up slowing down the entire computer.

There are many formats that can be played including mkv, avi, mp4 and more. What we are going to have is a video playback and not a mirroring of the screen. There are many televisions that are compatible with this application. Since in addition to being able to use it with a chromecast, you will also be able to connect it to different applications that have an Android TV operating system.

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Video & TV Cast

With Video & TV Cast you can browse the web and cast any online video on your Chromecast (movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more). Simply navigate to your favorite website and send the embedded video with one touch to your Chromecast. The discovered video will be displayed below the browser. A tap on the video link will send it to your Chromecast right away. Streaming personal media from your device is also supported.

It is compatible with iTunes movies, Flash videos, and DRM-protected videos such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu... Keep in mind that the application transmits constantly and does not duplicate the screen. This means that the entire web page you have open is not played, but only the video. Without a doubt, this is something really important to always keep in mind.

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