Trailer for the Chris Evans series for Apple TV +, Defending Jacob — 2022

The streaming platform Apple TV + will premiere on April 24 a new miniseries based on the novel Defending Jacob by Landay William. We do not know for now if the title will be translated into Spanish to Defend Jacob as it happens with the book, however we do already have new interesting data regarding the plot and the characters thanks to a new trailer published by the Cupertino company.

8 chapters and a mystery in Defending Jacob

Directed by Morten Tyldum and starring Chris Evans , known among others for his role in the Captain America movies, this new mini series will lead the mystery thriller category with honors with 8 vibrant episodes in which we can delve into the investigation of a murder. In fact, we already have a trailer for Defending Jacob, although at the moment it is only in English.

As we said, the story will focus on a shocking crime that occurred in a small town belonging to the state of Massachusetts . The plot will focus especially on a district attorney who will be forced to choose between his strictest duty to honor justice and the unconditional love he feels for his son, who is arrested for being the main suspect in the murder. .

Obviously, Chris Evans will not be alone in the cast of this new miniseries, but he will be joined by Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones or J.L Simmons among others. All of them will try to make us delve into the mystery that surrounds Defending Jacob. Also, even though the trailer is still in English, the series will be dubbed into Spanish and Latin Spanish , among other languages.

Other upcoming Apple TV+ releases

Since his arrival on November 1 last year, theapple tv+ cataloghas not stopped growing. The successful series The Morning Show and See, two of the leading and pioneering series on the platform, now rest while waiting for the completion of production of their two second seasons. However, Apple has released other series and movies after that keep thousands of users hooked.

On the same date as Defending Jacob, April 24, it will also arrive Beastie Boys Stoy , a documentary based on the legendary hip-hop group of the same name in which we can discover the most unknown secrets of its members. But at the beginning of April we will have another premiere, that of Home Before Dark , a mystery series based on the true story of Hilde Lysiak, a girl who, at just 9 years old, was able to start the investigation of a crime.

In any case, and despite the fact that it is still far from Netflix and other platforms in terms of content, Apple TV + continues to grow with its own and exclusive productions, which continues to encourage many users to try it. In fact, many are the lucky ones who can be enjoying it for free thanks to the recent purchase of an Apple device.