China and its restrictions affect WhatsApp — 2022

China is undoubtedly a thriving nation, with a significant number of industries established in the country that produce much of what is consumed in the West , but it is also known for its strict policies of censorship and control of digital content. This is how under a strong government control , all Internet communications are monitored and sometimes completely blocked, as has recently happened with WhatsApp .

WhatsApp has been blocked in China

Due to the control policies of the Chinese government, there are many applications that are blocked in that country. In the case of messaging applications, Wegroh takes most of the cake with 900 million users . Despite this, WhatsApp has a large number of users that in addition to communicating locally, they use the application to feel closer to their relatives outside the country.

During the last hours, users who tried to communicate through WhatsApp began to report problems , mainly to send media files (audios, videos or photos), not so with the sending of texts.

This is not news to Chinese citizens as they have seen other social apps being blocked before, such as Facebook which has been blocked since 2009 and Instagram that cannot be used on Chinese land since 2014. The same thing happened with Telegram , another popular messaging service.
Many applications have also been blocked and VPN services , widely used by Chinese users to bypass strict government control

WhatsApp joins the list of applications blocked by the Chinese government

Why has China blocked WhatsApp?

It really is difficult to know, it is somewhat strange that the government has intervened in the use of the application preventing the sending of multimedia content and allowing the sending of text.

Some have even speculated that this blockade is related to the recent death of Liu Xiaobo , Nobel Peace Prize and an emblem of the fight for freedom of expression.
WhatsApp has become quite popular in China due to the latest updates that allowed messages to be encrypted, thus avoiding being read by the government.
It is not yet clear the reasons nor the time that this blockade will take.