Checkmate! Play chess with your friends from your iPhone — 2022

Playing on the iPhone and iPad is becoming more common among all users of these devices. One of the advantages they present is their portability and how ergonomically usable they are to enjoy a little leisure time. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about a series of chess games that you can install on your iPhone and iPad to kill those free moments that you have on a daily basis.

Play chess online from your iPhone

One of the types of games that have grown the most in recent years are online games. Users want to be able to face their friends but without the need to be face to face with them, or even face other players from all over the world to improve and thus increase their level. Here we talk about a series of games that you can use if you want to challenge players online.

Chess – Play and Learn

Chess - Learn and play

With this chess game you will be able to play with millions of players or users from all over the world, you will have no limit since you can enter all the games you want unlimitedly and for free, that is, without having to pay a single euro. You will also be able to improve your chess level because it has more than 50,000 tactical puzzles that will help you improve your skills in this game.

Of course, not only can you play against players from all over the world, but you can challenge your friends and exchange opinions through the chat available within the application itself. You will also have different interactive lessons and videos available with which to learn from the best chess masters, all accompanied by tutorials with advice and recommendations.

Chess - Play and Learn Chess - Play and Learn Descargar QR-Code Chess - Play and Learn Developer:

Chess – Clash of Kings

Chess - Clash of Kings

Chess is one of the sports that generates the most benefits in people's brains, therefore, having a game as attractive as this on your iPhone or iPad will allow you to enjoy playing anytime, anywhere. It has up to 10 different difficulty levels that you will have to overcome as your skills grow.

In addition, the application itself allows you to configure it in such a way that it advises you moves during the game, a perfect way to learn and improve your skills playing chess. Of course, it has an online mode that you can take advantage of to challenge your friends or players from all over the world.

Chess - Clash of Kings Chess - Clash of Kings Descargar QR-Code Chess - Clash of Kings Developer: Lukasz Oktaba

Online Chess +

Online Chess +

This game has a huge number of registered players from all over the world, in fact, the number reaches 1,000,000 players, so without a doubt you will always have an opponent anywhere in the world willing to play against you in an exciting game of chess.

It has several time control alternatives, from the classic game of chess that everyone has played at some point, passing through the bombing or bullet. Within the application itself you will have a classification available, in which your position will go up or down depending on the results you have in the games you play. It also has an offline mode that offers up to 20 levels of difficulty, ideal for training and improving.

Online Chess + Online Chess + Descargar QR-Code Online Chess + Developer: Entertainment 4Media AG

Challenge your opponent to a game of chess face to face

Playing online is a lot of fun and it will certainly allow you to challenge your friends whenever you want. However, there is nothing like playing face to face against your opponent, and if he is also a good friend, much better. Therefore, below we want to talk about a series of games that you can use to enjoy playing chess face to face against your opponent.

Chess .

Chess .

This game is completely free and has the essence of the classic chess boards that everyone has surely used at some point to enjoy a moment of leisure and fun with family and friends. In fact, the aesthetics of wood gives it this vintage and classic touch that many users will fall in love with.

This game supports two different modes, first of all you can play alone against the machine, which has an excellent AI engine with fully configurable difficulty levels. On the other hand, you can choose the funniest mode, which is the one that allows two people to play a sport that requires a lot of concentration and skill at the same time.

Chess ∙ Chess ∙ Descargar QR-Code Chess ∙ Developer: Optime Software LLC

Chess Prime 3D

Chess Prime 3D

Without a doubt, this is one of the most striking chess games. The aesthetics is the most outstanding point since, as you could guess from the name, it is a three-dimensional chessboard, which gives that modern and futuristic touch to such a classic game. Without a doubt, a success on the part of the developers since it is one of the best designed games on the App Store.

It has two different game modes since you can play alone, that is, face the machine, or you can play against another person in the established 2-player mode, so you have the opportunity to challenge your friends or family. In addition, you will be able to change the color of the pieces and even save the games to continue them later.

Chess Prime 3D Chess Prime 3D Descargar QR-Code Chess Prime 3D Developer: Won Games



Chess is one of the most popular games in the world, in fact, it is estimated that around 600 million people play it daily. This application gives you the opportunity to add one more person to this practically endless list, as it offers you a fantastic alternative to enjoy chess directly from your iPhone or iPad.

It has HD graphics, so you can enjoy every detail of each of the games that you have the pleasure of playing. It has up to 5 levels of difficulty that you can overcome as your skills and knowledge of this sport increase. Of course, you also have the possibility to face a friend or relative face to face with the two player mode.

Chess Chess Descargar QR-Code Chess Developer: Vintolo Ltd

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess

Surely the name of this game has caught your attention, but yes, it is real and it makes all the sense in the world. Really Bad Chess is a title that consists of an interpretation that completely changes the rules that existed until now about chess, since it aims to test anyone who wants to get out of the established.

The objective of this game is to see who is capable of winning the game by playing chess badly, something very strange but that will undoubtedly be a challenge for all the people who dare to change the concept for a moment and try out this game so peculiar that will put you inside a completely chaotic chess game.

Really Bad Chess Really Bad Chess Descargar QR-Code Really Bad Chess Developer: Zach Gage

Improve your skills training with these games

Like all sports, chess is also necessary to dedicate hours and hours of training to be able to improve your skills and above all, to learn new concepts and strategies that will later come in handy when applying them when you get fully into a game. . For this we have selected a series of applications that will allow you to train your skills within this sport.

Chess for Beginners

Chess for Beginners

The very name of this application tells you for what kind of users this fantastic game has been conceived, developed and marketed. All people have been and are beginners in many sports and aspects of life, so this game is ideal for newer chess players to improve their strategies and skills.

It is a course that is divided into two sections, on the one hand the rules of the game, and on the other hand the practice. It has 500 didactic exercises that have been meticulously selected and specially elaborated for the self-verification of knowledge, that is, so that you yourself can check at what level you are.

Chess for Beginners Chess for Beginners Descargar QR-Code Chess for Beginners Developer: Chess King

Chess Pro – Learn and Play

Chess Pro - Learn and Play

This game is about one of the best chess engines that you will be able to find in the whole world. In fact, this engine finished fourth in the World Microcomputer Chess Championship and cannot be found in any other game available in the Apple App Store.

It has been designed by chess champions in order to play at the same level as if you were playing against a human opponent. In addition, it is totally suitable for both beginners and more advanced players as it has built-in instructors that will track your progress. You also have different levels of training available to adapt it perfectly to your level.

Chess Pro - Learn and Play Chess Pro - Learn and Play Descargar QR-Code Chess Pro - Learn and Play Developer: Mastersoft Ltd

Chess problems (puzzles)

Chess problems (puzzles)

One of the best ways to learn and improve your skills in any field is by facing problems and finding the best solution for them. Well, that's exactly what this game brings to the table that you can enjoy on both your iPhone and iPad. It has a huge number of chess problems that are suitable for all levels.

It is really a tactical trainer that will allow you to practice in three different ways, solving problems every day, solving problem packs in offline mode, that is, you will not need to be connected to the internet to continue playing, or using the mode Challenge to get random problems from your level, all accompanied by tracking your progress.

Chess problems (puzzles) Chess problems (puzzles) Descargar QR-Code Chess problems (puzzles) Developer: Emmanuel Mathis

Which is the funniest?

As usual, whenever we make a compilation of applications or games, from the La Manzana Mordida writing team we want to tell you what our preferences are, that is, in this case the games that have caught our attention the most. However, that does not mean that they are the best or that our opinion has to be the same as yours.

We start with the first category, online chess games, where the one we liked the most was Chess – Play and Learn due to both the aesthetics it offers and the variety of functions and levels it has. Looking at the games that give the possibility of playing face to face in front of friends or family, due to its aesthetics we are left with Chess Prime 3D . Finally, the best way to train is to enjoy Chess Pro – Learn and Play .