Check your Apple Watch battery wear — 2022

Several years ago Apple introduced the ability to view the health of an iPhone's battery through iOS settings. However, in a device that is also used daily such as the Apple Watch, it is also interesting to know its status, which is why they have also ended up implementing this functionality in the watch. Here's how you can check the battery health of an Apple Watch quickly and easily.

Requirements for verification

Unfortunately, not all Apple watches can perform the battery health check that we will discuss in the following sections. This was a novelty introduced in watchOS 7 , so only watches that were compatible with that software version are eligible. We have, therefore, a list that is reduced to the following devices:

    Apple Watch Series 3 Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch SE Apple Watch Series 7

If you have any of these devices, you should try to have it on the most recent version of the operating system for the functionality to appear as available. To do this you must go to Settings> General> Software update from the clock itself. If you prefer, you can take the iPhone, go to the 'My Watch' tab of the Watch app and follow the path General > Software update. Whether on the watch or on the mobile, the search for updates will appear there, being able to download and install the most recent version that exists. Of course, if you have to update you must have the clock charging and with 50% or more of battery so that it can be installed.

Check Apple Watch Battery Status

If you have checked, since you have any of the previous devices and it is also up to date, you will be ready to know which is the level of deterioration of this battery. In the following sections we will tell you how to review it, as well as some key aspects to know how to interpret the information.

Steps to follow to see the health on the Apple Watch

There are some third-party applications that offer the ability to perform this check. However, they are not always successful and many of them are paid, so the most interesting thing in the end is to resort to the native functionality that we have referred to from the beginning, which can be consulted by following these simple steps:

  1. From the clock itself, go to Settings.
  2. and a Battery.
  3. Scroll down and tap Battery health.

Apple Watch Battery Health

Doing this you will find a percentage that indicates the level of deterioration of the battery in the opposite direction. In other words, if it is at 100%, it means that it is at full capacity and has hardly any deterioration, while lower levels already imply a degeneration in it.

Is this percentage reliable?

Yes and no. The calculation of this percentage is carried out through the analysis of several algorithms and the result that it throws may not be entirely in accordance with the actual level of wear. Something similar happens on iPhones, in which there are times when a percentage is shown that suddenly starts to drop or goes up in case of restoring the device or installing a new update. The most advisable is don't obsess over it because it does not mean that the autonomy of the watch is going to drop abruptly, since usually and with exceptions where the watch may be suffering excessive and atypical wear, the rest of the situations, the wear corresponds to a habitual use of the device, so, obviously, you have to assume that over time and also depending on whether you use the Apple Watch more or less, this percentage of battery health will decrease.

Keep in mind that the battery is one of the components that suffers the most wear over time. Therefore, it is completely natural that even taking good care of the watch and using it in recommended conditions, it suffers deterioration. In fact, the level of wear begins to be slow at first, and may not even give good autonomy in the first few days until it settles. Then, as the months and years go by, it is when you begin to feel a greater drop in the percentage as a result of the component's own resentment.

Monitor the autonomy of your watch

But if you don't trust the previous percentage or want to have a second verification system, you can monitor it yourself. You should know that it is normal for the battery of an Apple smart watch to last a full day in most cases and even a day and a half depending on the model you have, although it also affects the number of actions you perform with your device. If you are a person who does a lot of sports and spend many hours a day recording different workouts, it is normal for the Apple Watch battery to last a little less than what it would last for a sedentary person who barely exercises.

To perform this check you simply have to write down the time you remove the device from the charger and when the battery reaches zero. In this way you will be able to count the hours that the clock will be on. Later, it will be possible to check with the autonomy that is expected, and that can be found on Apple's own website. In the event that the autonomy is much lower, we will be facing a really important problem in terms of battery degradation, being one of those specific cases that we have talked about previously.

Take into account the use you give it in the day

This is a verification system that can be rudimentary. But you have to remember that it will be the best method to realize that something is wrong with your device. However, it should be noted that you should not rely on a single day of autonomy with your Apple smart watch. If you think about how you use your smart watch right now, you will surely see that there are days when you look at it more or simply use some specific applications . The clearest example can be when you go to the gym where much more battery is consumed when monitoring your physical activity.

This means that the fact that one day it has less autonomy is not significant. In this way, we always recommend that you carry out these tests that we have mentioned on different days, in order to determine if you are suffering real wear or not. Likewise, it can become It is normal for the battery to last much less if you use the heart rate sensor a lot or you are simply making a lot of phone calls. Our recommendation is not to obsess about it, the moment your Apple Watch suffers, if it happens, abnormal deterioration, you will write it down and you will realize it right away. In all other cases, what we encourage you to do is enjoy the device and all the functions and possibilities it provides.

What to do if the battery is damaged

In the same section where you can check the battery health of the Apple Watch, you can find an Apple indicator that explains this functionality more clearly. If the percentage is lower than optimal to provide good performance, a message will appear indicating that the battery is not in good condition and you will be suggested to change it. For this, it is recommended to go to Apple so that they can run a more complete diagnosis of your watch and, if necessary, offer you a battery change. Although this process is not really such, since Apple does not change batteries, but offers Replacement Apple Watch with all new components. Another option that you also have to take into account, especially if you don't have an Apple Store nearby, is the possibility of taking it to a SAT, that is, a repair service fully authorized by the Cupertino company itself to carry carry out these types of tasks. In addition, you can rest assured that the experience and the degree of efficiency will be exactly the same as in an Apple Store.

Watch battery

If you want to get this watch restored and with the new battery you will have to pay €97.10 , price to which 12.10 euros are added for shipping costs in those cases in which you cannot go to a physical store and must be processed online by scheduling a collection of the product at your home. Of course, if you have contracted AppleCare + You can get the replacement for free as long as the percentage of health is below 80%. You can also go to other authorized technical services in which they could have prices different from the official ones of the company.

If the percentage has dropped a lot in a short time

If you notice that the battery health level of your watch has started to drop a lot in a short period of time, it is clear that something is wrong. It is possible that if you are in a first version of watchOS it is due to the software and that the parameters have not been set correctly. If the autonomy remains the same, it is advisable to ignore this percentage and wait for a new version of the system to be released that can fix that bug. Obviously this is something that happens very occasionally, so you don't have to hesitate to install the watchOS updates that the Cupertino company is releasing.

However, there are times when you may restoring the apple watch that value can be reset. This is because in the end, as we said before, it is a complex value to specify. Formatting the device is forcing the computer to recalculate the percentage and, therefore, there are times when you can see that it has grown compared to what it was before the restoration, which is not a sign that the device has magically improved. component, but it just wasn't calculating it right before. In any case, we insist on emphasizing that it is not a serious problem if the autonomy has not decreased, since in the end that is the most important thing, if the battery continues to last or not what it lasted before, and not a mere fact that can show the clock itself.

Apple Watch disassembled

If you suspect a malfunction

If your Apple Watch is still under warranty and you think that perhaps the battery may have been defective or have presented a major fault over time, it is recommended that you go to Apple or an SAT (Authorized Technical Service) so that they can verify if it is really of a factory defect. It should be noted that in these cases, the company is responsible for the repair and you shouldn't have to pay anything .

If it is detected that the deterioration is normal and falls within the terms to be replaced, you will have to pay the 97.10 euros mentioned above to carry out the process. You can also request that it be repaired remotely, that is, that a courier service come to your home and take it to the technical service, also having the same system afterwards to return it to you repaired. In these cases, you could add €12.10 for shipping costs, although you will be informed of all this before carrying out the process.