Check if your Apple Watch supports wireless charging — 2022

In the last presentation of Apple , we saw many renewed products and other new launches. One of them was the airpower wireless charging with a Qi standard, which gave several Apple devices a battery charge through contact.

One of the devices that will be integrated with this new format in the Apple ecosystem is Apple Watch Series 3 . A new generation that allows us to have an LTE connection without the need to be connected to an iPhone, among other new features.

Many users are confused because they do not know if the new wireless charging will be available for all models, since the Apple Watch from its origins is charged by magnetic contact. With what the new AirPower base should serve to be able to put our Apple Watch original, Series 1 o Series two without any problem. But it's not like that.

The secret is in the Qi standard

The new Series 3 and the new AirPower charging bases have the Qi standard . A wireless charging protocol that is widely used to receive many devices of different brands. For us to understand each other It would be the equivalent of microUSB in smartphones.

The Apple Watch original, Series 1 y Series 2 , have their own Apple protocol, which is not compatible with the Qi standard. This means that if we want to carry out a wireless charge in the new AirPower charging base or in any of the third parties that Apple sells in the hands of Muphie or Belkin, it will not be possible.

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It may be standard on all new Apple devices from now on, but for now it's only available for the Apple Watch Series 3 exclusively . The Apple Watch is already in reserve, where from Friday the 22nd it will be available for sale.

So if you have an older model than the new Series 3 , you will not be able to use wireless charging AirPower which will be available later this year or early 2018 for a price above $99 (rumors).

Do you think it is an incentive to renew the Apple Watch? Is the Apple Watch now more useful with watchOS 4?