The most recommended iPhone chargers at the best price — 2022

An iPhone, like any other device, always needs a charger to be able to use it when the battery runs out. At a time when Apple has already stopped including the power adapter in its boxes, it is worth remembering a few things about buying iPhone chargers made by other brands. In this article we tell you what are the recommendations to take into account, as well as the chargers that we recommend for your terminal.

Is it true that iPhones come without a charger?

This is a very frequent question for some time now. The answer is yes and no. If we understand by charger the compendium of the cable + power adapter, no, it does not come with it. However, the charging cable is added. But let's go by parts, since this is a controversial issue that originated in the year 2020.

Before the release of the iPhone 12, it was rumored that Apple would remove the charging adapter from the iPhone 12 box. And so it ended up being, and in addition to the adapter itself, Apple also removed the wired headphones that they had traditionally included with their smartphones. Yes, it includes the mentioned 0.5 meter Lightning to USB-C charging cable.

Headphones Charger iPhone 12

And the curious thing about this is that not only have the iPhone 12 and later versions removed elements such as the charging adapter or the headphones, but the rest of the iPhone of previous generations has also removed these elements. That is why it is necessary to buy a separate adapter if you do not have it at home.

Between the reasons for this change alleged by Apple is the environmental issue. As the company has explained on several occasions, the fact of reducing the content of the box helps to make them smaller and therefore easier to transport and store, thus reducing transport and storage pollution. also help create less organic waste with adapters and headphones is another reason why Cupertino claims to have carried out this measure.

The fact that prices have not dropped for this reason it has fueled controversy during this time. And while it is true that it is a very debatable measure, and without serving as a justification either, it must be said that Apple was followed by other companies that were also eliminating these elements from their smartphones or at least in part of the world.

Aspects to consider before buying them

A charger can be seen as a fairly simple accessory. You simply have to connect it to an electrical source and to the iPhone. But the truth is that different aspects must be taken into account before making the purchase to have the best possible security and prevent it from negatively affecting the iPhone to which it is connected.

They must have MFi certificate

MFI is the acronym for Made For iPhone, also equivalent to Made For iPad and Made For iPod. This name is the one that receives the certificate created by Apple itself and that ensures that the accessories that have it are fully compatible with the devices. That is, you will not find any type of pop-up message that says that the device cannot support that accessory or anything similar as an obstacle.

In the case of chargers we find other effects that this certificate has and that is that will protect the device against overheating and other problems that could arise during charging, something that is not guaranteed in accessories that are not MFi. These go through arduous tests that ensure that they will not give any problem. Obviously, these authentications mean that the accessory in question has passed exhaustive tests by the Apple company itself and makes it possible for you to trust it and its manufacturer. You have to make sure that this is real because sometimes some manufacturers, especially Chinese, place this badge to gain authenticity when they don't have it.

apple mfi tags

Beware of those that are very cheap

Very much in conjunction with what was mentioned above, it is possible that you will come across products that end up being harmful to your iPhone. It is understandable, especially when it comes to emergencies, that you go to a physical or online store in search of a charger to get your iPhone battery back and that you almost unconsciously go for the cheapest one. The price is always an important point in the purchase decision , but considering that accessories that are not certified could cause problems for your device, it may be worth it pay a little more to have a charger that keeps the terminal protected.

On many occasions, 'cheap is expensive' is applied and when talking about chargers you have to keep it in mind. In the end, it is supplying energy to your device and if it is not of good quality, it can end up negatively affecting the battery. The fact of administering a voltage or power greater than that admitted or not having the appropriate security systems. With the latter we refer above all to the anti-overvoltage systems that prevent the charger from breaking as well as the protection system against overheating. These two factors if they are not present can finally cause the terminal to break.

One end must be Lightning yes or yes

Apple has a proprietary port on iPhones called Lightning. This is a connector that, we like more or less, is the only one through which we can recharge the phone (with the exception of wireless charging on compatible equipment). Those cables with microUSB or USB-C standard extended on Android devices will not work. However, we do find that the other end can be of different types.

This means that you can buy a charger that has a USB-C power output without problems, there are even official ones with this output, but only Lightning will be supported on the iPhone. This is a serious problem, especially because of its universality and the fact that you always have to carry a charger with a compatible cable. On many occasions if you find yourself in a situation where you need a charger, you may be able to find it, but the cable is difficult as it is not universal.

Full iPhone chargers

We can find cables, adapters or a pack in which both things come. It is what we refer to in this article with full chargers. There are many variants on the market, although the ones that we especially recommend are the following.

Global Link Charger


This is the closest to the original Apple and MFi certified. The pack consists of a 2 meter cable with Lightning and USB-C ends and a USB-C input power adapter. Allows fast charging thanks to its 18w power and if we take into account the full price it has, it is a very economical pack. Obviously, in order to enjoy this charging technology, you must always use a compatible iPhone.

Inside the charging cable has an intelligent and original chip in which it is guaranteed that no errors appear in Apple devices. This also allows it to support data transfer at 480 Mbps. The charger itself has all the certificates to be able to enjoy a safe charge without damage due to heating or an unwanted voltage spike.

Global Link Charger buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 19.99 everdigi

Everdigi Charger

Amazon Logo

Another charger very similar to those of Apple with Lightning and USB input. The current adapter is MFi and has a power of 5w, this being identical to the traditional iPhone charger. It does not offer fast charging, but it is the most efficient way to maintain device battery health with a longer lifespan than fast charging adapters. This makes you have a very similar experience to the one you have with the company's original charger.

Its main characteristics are that it is small and portable. This makes it easy to transport anywhere without being too bulky. In addition, its low weight also means that when you carry it you do not notice that you are carrying it with you. It is one of the best options that can be found on the market right now if you are not in a hurry to have the iPhone charged in a few minutes.

Everdigi Charger buy it at Avoalre Charger EUR 9.99 Amazon Logo

Avoalre Charger

Cable Eono

This charger is double in every way, as it offers two Lightning to USB-A cables, but also an adapter that allows the input of both. Their MFi certified with its 2.4 A and 12 watts of power They are more than enough to charge up to two iPhones at the same time without fear of damaging one of them. Although it has a power of 12W, it must be taken into account that if the two ports that are integrated are used it is reduced to 6W for each of the ports.

How could it be otherwise, it is compatible with most iPhones. It is safe and reliable as it is ETL, CE, BS, PSE and FCC certified. This means that it has overheating and overvoltage control systems. In the case of the cable, it is designed to be able to withstand transport in bags with bending tests.

Avoalre Charger buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 16.99 Cable Rampow

Solo cable Lightning

It may be the case that you do not need a charger as such. The fragility of the cables often forces us to replace only this one because the protective fiber breaks, preventing the iPhone from being recharged correctly.

Cable Eono

Amazon Logo

The Eono brand offers this simple classic Lightning to USB cable with a style very similar to the original Apple ones and with the MFi certificate. Its length is 1 metro , which could be more than enough. The material of the cable, although it is of quality, is not the most resistant material such as braided nylon. This means that it can easily end up breaking when a sharp bend is made for a long time.

It supports fast charging by using a smart chip and Apple's original C89 terminal that supports high-speed data transfer. It also supports a current of 2.4A. This is a product that, although it is fragile, as we have previously mentioned, has an extended guarantee. In the event that it suffers any damage, it is possible to make a change in the following 24 months.

Cable Eono buy it at Cable ESR EUR 11.77 Amazon Logo

Rampow Cable Lightning a USB

amazon charger

This well-known phone accessory maker offers exciting MFi-certified Lightning to USB cable options. While it may be attractive to be able to choose from the available colors (white, black, pink, red and green), we find it even more remarkable that we offer lengths from 20 centimeters to 3 meters , passing through 2 and 3 meter cables. This means that it has a different variety for users depending on the use that is going to be given to it.

If you are someone who cares about durability, this is the cable you should end up getting. The exterior is made of aluminum combined with nylon to ensure smooth loading. It integrates a double braided layer and ultra-compact Lightning connector to be compatible with most cases. Keep in mind that all these cables have been tested and that is why they offer a guarantee.

RAMPOW Cable Lightning a USB buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 11.99 AGPTEK

ESR brand cable

Amazon Logo

This other manufacturer offers us a similar option of Lightning cables to charge the iPhone, but with one end that ends in USB type C. Its braided nylon material will protect the cable from possible breakage due to excessive use or pulling, in addition to is available in lengths of 20 centimeters, 1, 2 and 3 meters . Its price is very competitive, making it an option to consider within MFi cables.

In addition to the charging system it also offers a fully multimedia stable file transfer system. With a USB-C input, it can be easily connected to a Mac for transfer or recharging without adapters. As we have mentioned before, it is made to last even if you 'mistreat' it daily with different abrupt turns.

Cable ESR buy it at Lencent Charger EUR 13.99 Amazon Logo

Cable Amazon Basics

Yummici Charger

Although it may be surprising, the North American giant has the Apple certificate on its cable to charge your iPhone. It is a cable with USB-C output for a 18W charger and up, which allows you to charge 50% of the battery in about 30 minutes. In addition, you can also transfer data from one device to another in no time.

It is available in various colors and lengths so you can choose the one that best suits you. It is made with a nylon braid that makes it possible to use it many times without fear of breakage. The heads are made of aluminum that withstand the blows that can be taken. This cable is a great option to always have in your suitcase.

Amazon Basics Charger buy it at JOOMFEEN charger EUR 10.45 Amazon Logo

Fast and multiple charging adapters

Currently we always want a higher charging speed, so that we can always have the iPhone ready to leave the house. This is achieved with chargers that offer greater power even though they pose a problem for your health. Below we show you the most recommended options.

AGPTEK 20w charger

aoozto charger

This well-known manufacturer offers one of the most interesting chargers for fast charging. Their power is 20w, that a priori might not be the fastest, but taking into account the limitations of the iPhone for fast charging, it can be a more than interesting option. It has two different outputs to guarantee that you have the best versatility when charging. You can connect a USB-A cable and also a cable with a USB-C input.

It includes Power Delivery 3.0 and QC 3.0 technologies guaranteeing fast charging. This means that a fast charge is guaranteed on all compatible iPhones, being able to go from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. It is totally reliable as it enjoys the latest security technologies regarding heating and unwanted power surges.

AGPTEK 20w charger buy it at EUR 14.99


Yet another power adapter that, like the rest, is MFi certified. The price of this is attractive if we take into account that it not only offers a USB 3.0 output but also a USB type C. It can give a power of up to 18w in the latter, while in USB 3.0 it offers a somewhat slower charge. , but just as safe around 7.5w. Although a simultaneous charge can be carried out, this also supposes a loss in the total power that will reach the devices as such.

The manufacturer itself promises to provide up to four times faster charging than conventional chargers, charging the phone up to 80% in just 35 minutes. Its protection performance has been effectively improved over other charger models so that it can prevent the device from overcurrent or short circuit, overheating or overcharging.

Cargador USB y USB-C LENCENT buy it at EUR 13.99

Yummici multiple adapter

Thanks to your triple USB output of up to 30w of power, This Yummici brand adapter allows you to charge up to three devices at the same time, including an iPhone, how could it be otherwise. It is the perfect size to store in any drawer or pocket, so the space it occupies is not a problem. It has charging protection, a guarantee for using it every day.

Keep in mind that these types of chargers significantly reduce their efficiency in the event that you go on to have several devices connected. Due to its size, if it is required to supply a greater amount of energy, each port cannot have 30W. On the other hand, the fact of being small means that it can be transported comfortably in any luggage system.

JOOMFEEN charger

Not one, not two and not even three. Up to four devices can be charged with this charging adapter! And the good thing is that they serve both Android and iPhone devices. It has quadruple USB input, with one of them being USB 3.0, being specially marked with an orange port. All this is accompanied by a power of 30W load that will allow you to recharge all your devices at the highest possible speed.

A cable that is fully compatible with this charging system is integrated into the pack of this charger. It also complies with the strict CE / FCC / ROHS standards, which guarantees maximum safety to avoid any type of problem regarding the system from overloading and even overheating. This makes it an ideal charger for all audiences.

JOOMFEEN charger buy it at EUR 15.99

AOOZTO charger and cable

It is one of a cable charger that has an MFi certificate, so the health of your iPhone's battery will not be damaged. It has a 20w power , which makes it charge 3 times faster than with a normal wall charger. It also has a fairly long cable, so you don't have problems getting anywhere. You can go from 0% to 50% battery in 30 minutes, always guaranteeing the protection of the device.

It also has a chip so that your mobile does not suffer if there is a short circuit don't get too hot. The charger is made of fireproof materials to reduce risks. It is also very light and resistant, making it a very good and valid option to take on a trip or leave it fixed in the office or workplace.

AOOZTO charger buy it at EUR 12.50

What is our favourite?

There are more and more companies and brands that design very good chargers for the iPhone and that also get the MFi certificate so as not to damage the battery. However, it is worth noting very positively the AGPTEK charger . Although it does not include cables, it is not a problem because the charging cable is included in the iPhone box.

What makes us opt for this is that in addition to having two charging ports , which are very useful especially when you travel, is that the charge it offers is very fast. In 30 minutes it can reach 80% charge. Without a doubt, a very good performance for a fast charging charger.