Changes in the Apple Store Online after the renewal of the iPhone SE — 2022

We are already used to the fact that when Apple launches a new product, it removes another from its store. And with the recent launch of the iPhone SE 2020 we have seen some changes in theApple Store Onlinewhich we are going to tell you about in this article.

The iPhone 8 disappears from the Apple Store

The launch of the iPhone SE 2020 literally It has taken the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus ahead at the Apple Store. From today you can no longer buy these devices in the online store, but neither by going to any of the stores that make up thelist of Apple Store in Spainand other countries. This makes all the sense in the world since the iPhone SE 2 has an identical design to the iPhone 8 and also shares many features. This is why it made no sense for them to continue marketing it because in the end they would be overshadowed. But in the end we won because we have a device with a better processor at a lower price than the iPhone 8, something that is always appreciated.

iPhone 8

We must remember that both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2 share a design, Touch ID, cameras... The only difference that we are going to be able to appreciate without a doubt is that we are dealing with a device with a much better processor : the A13 . This is why buying the iPhone 8 right now can be a bad idea when you have a better option and at a fairly similar or lower price. In fact. the iPhone 8 is a device already several years old, hence many users even make the decision tochange the battery of the iPhone 8 or 8 plus manually.

El Magic Keyboard

But Apple has not only wanted to eliminate products, but has also taken advantage of this launch to enable reservations for the Magic Keyboard. At first, this accessory was announced together with the fourth generation iPad Pro, but the reservation date was left up in the air. Now Apple has decided to activate the reserves of this product that will begin to arrive at the homes of users next week.

This Magic Keyboard is compatible with iPad Pro 11″ 1st and 2nd generation, and iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd and 4th generation. One of the features that has made users fall in love with this keyboard is that it will make the iPad 'float'. This makes the work position much more comfortable, not having to bend your neck too much to view the content on the screen. The keyboard has a scissor mechanism as we see in the latest MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. This provides a fairly good typing experience by offering more key travel.

Another of the star features of this keyboard is the inclusion of a trackpad at the bottom. In this way it is about exploiting the mouse function, so that we can relate, now, the iPad Pro with a Mac. For a few years Apple has tried to convince us that the iPad can work like a Mac and this is one more step in this way.

But what has fallen in love so much is undoubtedly the price it has. This Magic Keybaord part of the €339 the model for the 11″ iPad Pro and €399 for the 12.9″ iPad Pro models.

If you are interested in your purchase, you can enter the Apple Store Online and make the purchase. But keep in mind that they will not arrive at your house until a few days when it officially goes on sale.

AirPods Pro Replacement Cushion

If you have problems with the pads of your AirPods Pro, or you have simply lost them, you can now buy replacements through the Apple Store. Right now we can get hold of this spare part in three different sizes: S, M and L. In the pack that will arrive at home we will have two matching pairs. The price is €9 regardless of the size we choose.

airpods pro tips

iPhone SE 2020 Cases

Together with the iPhone SE 2020, Apple has launched the corresponding cases to protect it. Specifically, silicone covers have been launched in the colors pink, white and black with a price of €39 in the Apple Store. They have also launched the Leather Case, made of leather, in the colors night blue, red and black at a price of €49.

Leather Cases

Caster and Leg Kit for Mac Pro

If you're lucky enough to have a Mac Pro, Apple has released a stainless steel caster and wheel kit for you to install yourself. The price of the four wheels is €849 and you can buy them at the Apple Store Online.

But if you're not a fan of having wheels on your Mac, you can keep it totally still with the stainless steel leg kit. The problem is that they are priced at €349 and you can get them at the Apple Store Online.