Champions League: Where to watch the Real Madrid – PSG match from your iPhone or iPad — 2022

Tonight one of the most interesting matches of the Champions League , where Real Madrid of CR7 will face PSG of Neymar. If you don't want to miss it, pYou can watch the game from anywhere from your iPhone or iPad thanks to some of the apps from the App Store . The match is played today, February 14 from the Santiago Bernabéu at 20:45 hours (Spain), although you can follow the match preview with interesting data to warm up the atmosphere. Currently, all the rights for this match are held by Bein , so you can watch it on the Bein Sport channel from its iOS app or from a telephone operator that offers this channel in its TV package with a dedicated app.

The €1.2 billion Champions League match

As the specialized media indicate, today's game will be remembered (in addition to the result) for being the game of 1,200 million euros on the grass. Players like Neymar, Mbappé, CR7 or Gareth Bale will be the most popular names tonight.

To be able to watch the game from your iPhone or iPad, we have several options, but Always with the rights of Bein . If you haven't contracted Bein, you can watch the game through one of the apps of the operators that offer it, for example Vodafone.

Both the Bein app and the Vodafone app have a version for iPhone and iPad, but We do not have an option to perform AirPlay , that is, send the image to our Apple TV.

In the case of Bein , we can contract a month of subscription without permanence and thus enjoy the matches on our iPhone or iPad. In the case of Vodafone , it is not possible, having to hire a package. If we have it contracted, we can download the Vodafone TV app to enjoy it.

So you know, if you want watch the match tonight that will face Real Madrid with PSG in Champions League , for a fairly reasonable price you have the opportunity to see it anywhere thanks to your iPhone o iPad .

Download the Bein app

Download the Vodafone TV app

Where will you watch this Champions League match from?