Causes and solutions if your Apple TV overheats — 2022

If you have an Apple TV and you are noticing that it is getting excessively hot, we are afraid to tell you that this is not normal. This is not a device that a priori is focused on getting the most out of the processor, except in some cases, so it should not be a device that overheats. Below we analyze what may be happening so that you can find a solution.

Protection against overheating

First of all, don't worry if your Apple TV gets excessively hot and you fear that it will catch fire or something similar. As in an iPhone or iPad, these devices have a temperature control system that will keep the device at a stable temperature and when this is not the case, it will warn you, preventing you from using it until it reaches a certain temperature. that is not dangerous for the device or for you.

Apple TV Temperature

Tips to consider

It seems obvious, but if your device is located in a area where there is excessive heat and/or humidity , you shouldn't use it. It is not even recommended that the Apple TV be stored in such a place, even if it is not being used. It is recommended to always use it in dry environments and keep them at a temperature that does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. In the same way that it is recommended that it not be in excessively cold places, since this could also be an unfavorable environment for the Apple TV.

The surface on which it is placed this device is also something key. If you have a radiator nearby, a device that also emits heat, or the surface you are on has materials that heat up easily, it is best to move them. It is true that something like this is not always available, but try to always have it on surfaces that are more or less cold or dissipate heat well.

apple tv sleep mode

It is also advisable that at times when you notice a greater concentration of heat in the device, rest for a few minutes . This will cause all open processes to be closed and the performance of the Apple TV to drop, thereby requiring less of the processor and therefore greater energy efficiency.

If it happens to you playing video games

This is one of the exceptions that we find as far as demand is concerned. The Apple TV can become an excellent game console for games of all kinds, both those included in the App Store and those of Apple Arcade, bridging the gap with devices adapted to it such as PlayStation or Xbox. Precisely the fact that it is not a device designed for and for this functionality means that it can sometimes overheat if it is required a lot.

Apple Arcade on Apple TV

The more recent your Apple TV is, the better processor it will have and therefore it will enjoy a greater optimization of resources. It can be considered normal in any case that the device gets hot. If you believe in any case that it is not something normal, perhaps you should contact Apple (last two sections of this article).

If Apple TV makes a strange sound

If, in addition to heating up, you notice that the device emits a strange sound like a buzz or even sounds that are reminiscent of sparks, although they are not, possibly it is the processor that you are listening to. It is unusual for this chip to be heard, and even less so if it is not by putting the ear close to the body of the device. If you find yourself in this situation, it is more than likely that it is a manufacturing defect. We therefore recommend reading the last two sections of this article.

What to do if it's under warranty

When an Apple device is still under warranty, it is often easier to access certain free repairs. You must make an appointment with the technical service, tell them about the situation and have them run a diagnosis that finds the origin of the problem. If it is verified that it is a factory defect totally unrelated to your use, they will probably offer you a new device at no additional cost. If not, they will offer you the same solution that they would offer you if you no longer had a guarantee.

Options if you are out of warranty

If you find yourself in this situation, Apple will offer you different repair options depending on the source of the problem. The case of Apple TV is usually special in some cases and that is that instead of being repaired at the moment, you are offered a reconditioned and fully functional model. Of course, you will have to pay a price for it if it is a problem not covered by the guarantee.