Cause and solutions of an iPad turning off by itself — 2022

There is no more tedious failure in a device like an iPad than that of it turning itself off unexpectedly. This is amazing even when you have enough battery power to be able to stay on. For this reason, in this article we show you the possible causes and solutions to this failure.

Software-derived problems

The hardware (physical components) of a device is just as important as its software (operating system). iPadOS is a system capable of making an iPad work like a charm, but it can also contain some type of error that causes failures of all kinds, including the one we are seeing in this article. Therefore, here are some tips on how to solve possible problems of this type, if they are really causing them.

Try updating the operating system

As we said, iPadOS should always work fine, but it is not ruled out that it is causing some problems depending on which version. That is why it is always advisable to have the latest version of the system available on the tablet. In addition to correcting possible errors, these updates also keep your device up to date in terms of security patches and maybe even with very interesting aesthetic and functional news.

There are two ways to know if there is a new update and proceed to install it. One of them is connecting the iPad to a computer and using iTunes/Finder to check it. However, there is a faster and equally effective method, which is by going to Settings > General > Software Update . In this section the latest version of the system will appear ready for download and subsequent installation, although you must have a WiFi connection to be able to download it.

update ipad

Restore, a desperate solution

Formatting the iPad is by far the best way to get rid of almost all software-related problems. However, it is also a somewhat more tedious method and not so much because of the time it may take, which does not take more than a few minutes, but because it will require reconfiguring the tablet. If it finally doesn't solve your problems, it will have been a waste of time, but if you suspect that this is the problem, you can try it.

It is recommended, yes, make a backup previously. We say this because, despite the fact that later you must set it up as a new iPad without uploading data, it may be useful to have that backup if you eventually figure out that it wasn't the software that was causing the tablet blackouts. Once the copy is made, you can restore completely by deleting all data by connecting the iPad to a computer via cable (using iTunes / Finder). If you want a faster method, although less complete because it only overwrites data, you can do it in Settings> General> Reset by clicking on Erase content and settings.

Restore iPad

Other very common causes

There are other factors, normally derived from the hardware or that directly affect it, which can also cause the iPad to turn off by itself for no apparent reason. In the following sections we will tell you what these causes are and how you could solve the problems.

If the iPad turns off while on battery

This is one of the most common cases. Whether it is 2% or 100% battery, it is not normal for an iPad to turn off by itself without having pressed the button. Maybe the problem could be that the battery is not properly calibrated . What happens when a battery is in this situation? Well, the screen is showing a percentage that really does not correspond to the real one. In other words, if you see that there is 5% left when it is turned off, for example, that percentage was really 1%. An iPad battery calibration should fix this problem.

iPad battery

If the previous calibration process has not helped you to fix the problem, it is very possible that the battery is missing. deteriorated . This is normal over time, since it is one of the components that suffers the most with use. It may even be that if the battery is new it has come defective. Therefore, the best advice we can give you regarding this is to contact Apple technical support or one authorized by them. The repair could be free if it is a factory defect or if you have contracted AppleCare+, otherwise you will have to pay a price of 109 euros . In the event that it is not possible for you to go physically to technical support, they can pick up the iPad at home, but it has a cost of 12.10 euros for shipping costs.

Possible overheating

There are several factors that can influence the overheating of an iPad. If they are done complex processes that require the full power of the processor, see advanced video editing, it is normal for the device to heat up. Also temperatures higher than those recommended for use can be decisive. That the equipment heats up to the extreme can be detrimental to some specific components and the device in general, even rendering it unusable.

It should be noted that iPads, like iPhones, have a protection system which causes them to turn off when a very high internal temperature is detected. Therefore, this could also be the reason why your iPad turns off unexpectedly. The usual thing is that a message is displayed on the screen (like the one in the following image) warning about it and although it would be ruled out that this is the problem if said warning does not appear, it is not completely ruled out that there is a bug that prevents it from appearing .

iPad Temperature

If so, and your tablet is in this cooling process, you will not be able to turn it on for a long time. During that time it is recommended to leave the iPad on a dry surface and in an environment that is not too cold either. Do not even think about putting it in a refrigerator or adding it to some frozen element, since in the end the temperature shock could be crucial and end up damaging the device. If you have a little patience, you should be able to turn it back on soon.

Possible RAM memory problems

RAM problems on iPads can be seen in different ways. One of them is that the iPad is blocked regularly, that the apps are closed unexpectedly and, of course, that it turns off without warning. Discarded the previous problems, it is very possible that it is this element that is causing problems. And since this is a problem that you will hardly be able to solve on your own, you will have no choice but to go to professionals.

In Apple technical service, or failing that, an authorized service, they will be able to accurately diagnose if it is a RAM failure. If so, they will propose to replace your tablet with a reconditioned and fully functional one. If the iPad is under warranty you won't have to worry because it will be free, but if you no longer have coverage you will have to pay the full price of this replacement, which varies depending on the iPad model you have.

You need to contact Apple

There may be a situation where you finally need to have direct contact with Apple in order to solve the problem you are having on your iPad. This is mainly because the typical solutions that we have discussed above do not work. In addition, in the case of wanting to carry out a repair, you will only be able to do it as long as you go to an official store. In these cases it is practically impossible to carry out the repair in your own home, since there are many limitations in terms of the necessary tools and also the parts. You should know that they are not marketed freely by Apple.

In this case there are many ways where you will be able to make direct contact with Apple. These are the following:

  • Go to an Apple Store in person. In this case, you will surely have to make an appointment in advance in order to be attended.
  • Call the store or SAT in question.
  • Chat with an agent through the company's website.
  • Support app available on the iOS and iPadOS App Store.

But the most important is to contact the customer service number 900 150 503. In this case, different experts will inform you of the steps to follow when offering data about the error that your iPad presents.

The importance of going to an official establishment

In many cases, there may be a situation in which the repair is not covered by the guarantee. Both because it has expired and if an accident has finally occurred that has caused the device to end up generating this generalized failure. That is why you may be tempted to go to a general technology store and not specialized in Apple. In this situation, we should not recommend it, since they generally do not have original parts to be able to install them on your iPad and the repair may be unsuccessful.