Cancel subscriptions to apps and services from an iPhone or iPad — 2022

At a time when there are more and more services and platforms that require a paid subscription to use, doubts also abound about how to unsubscribe from them. In the case of those services and apps installed on computers such as iPhone, iPad or Mac, it is really easy to check which subscriptions we have active, as it is also easy to unsubscribe. Here we tell you how.

Ways to remove subscriptions on iOS/iPadOS

If you have an app for which you are paying periodically or even enjoying it for free for a limited time, there are several ways to unsubscribe and prevent further payment. Below we present all of them so that you can get to know them and even have an alternative if one of them could fail at a given time. Although, first of all, we want to tell you that to cancel services like Netflix, Spotify or other acquaintances that this process will not serve you.

You can only cancel those subscriptions made through Apple , that is, within the app itself without having to go to third-party websites or services. Check the official website of the platform in question that you wish to cancel to solve your doubts in this regard, since not all of them follow the same procedure. The forms that we will explain to you are solely and exclusively related to those linked to your Apple ID.

From the settings panel

The first of these methods is through the device settings, be it iPhone or iPad. And although it has been available for several versions, to avoid problems it is recommended that you have them updated to the latest version of iOS/iPadOS available. Once you are sure of this, you can proceed to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Now go to the section iTunes and App Store.
  4. Click on your Apple ID and hit See Apple ID. Now you will have to be recognized by Face ID/Touch ID or enter the iPhone's security code.
  5. Scroll down and select Subscriptions.
  6. Click on those apps or services that you want to unsubscribe and click on Cancel subscription.

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Entering the App Store

This other method to carry out the cancellation of subscriptions requires having iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 o later as software version of your devices. In any case, as we also said in the previous process, we advise you to have the device updated to the most recent version.

  1. open the App Store.
  2. Click on your photo , at the top right.
  3. and a Subscriptions.
  4. Tap the apps or services you want to unsubscribe from and tap Cancel subscription.

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Can it be done through the Mac?

The answer is yes. Although, as with iPhone and iPad, we also advise you in this case to have your Mac updated to the latest version of macOS available. Once you make sure of this, you will only have to follow these steps:

  1. and a System preferences.
  2. Click on Apple ID .
  3. Go to the tab Content and purchases .
  4. In the part where it says Subscriptions, click the button Manage .
  5. An App Store tab will now open with all your subscriptions, and you can cancel all those you want.

cancel subscriptions mac

Frequently asked questions about it

Once you have canceled your subscription or subscriptions, you may have some questions about it. In the following sections we solve the four most frequent in this regard so that you can be clear about the procedure from start to finish.

Can the apps continue to be used afterwards?

This is a very common doubt, since sometimes what you want is not to renew the subscription and be able to continue using the service or app for as long as you have already paid for it. Generally, you can continue enjoying the subscriptions during that time. For example, imagine that you are subscribed to a service that is renewed on the 3rd of each month, because if you cancel it on the 4th you will be able to continue using it until the 2nd of the following month.

Yes indeed, there are exceptions and all of them are derived from free trials. There are some developers that offer a certain free trial time and then start charging a subscription. If you cancel your subscription during this trial time, you may automatically lose access to the service and may not be able to get a free trial again. It should be noted that this is not always the case, since there are times when you are allowed to enjoy the test in full and then not pay. That is why we always recommend read the conditions when a subscription is registered.

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How long does it take to return the money?

As we said before, in the end, subscriptions are not usually canceled instantly, but rather allow you to continue enjoying them until the day they are paid for. What is done is actually cancel the renewals. In any case, if there is any way in which you could have requested a refund, such as not being satisfied with the app during the first 14 days, you will receive the money.

The refund will be issued to original payment method used at the time of subscription, which is usually a credit or debit card. The time it will take depends on the bank, but it is usually done in terms of no more than 7 business days , so in a week at the most you would have the money back in your account.

Can I re-subscribe later?

This is another of the most frequent doubts, since it is possible that you are interested in an application or service, but, however, you cannot take full advantage of it at this time. Well don't worry because the fact of canceling a subscription does not prevent you from being able to subscribe again in the future. Even moments after having canceled the subscription you can sign up again.

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Of course, there is something you should know about it and that is that you will not be able to enjoy promotions again such as free trial periods or discounts offered for new users. If the application offers it to all types of audiences, yes, but as a general rule, these types of offers are usually given only to new users and, even if you have canceled the subscription, you will no longer appear as new and, therefore, you will lose that right. .

Can they refuse the requested refund?

Until now we have not clearly discussed the requirements that are imposed in order to have access to a refund of a subscription or the purchase of an application. Generally, Apple approves cancellations and refunds in all cases. But it is important as long as you do not rush the limits imposed by Apple. This is mainly because it may take a while for the system to handle the refund or cancellation that will be processed. That is why you should always avoid having to rush the renewal deadlines. In this case, if it is applied on March 25, it is advisable to do it the day before. This is because you will hardly remember the exact time you signed up to renew.

The occasions in which they can be canceled are really few. What is really relevant in these cases is that the Apple system offers an immediate response. Although the refund does take a little time, the system provided by the Cupertino company is capable of perfectly analyzing whether the requirements are met. In this way, in a few seconds you will have access to the resolution that Apple gives you on whether you will be able to have a refund or cancellation.

If you can't request a refund from Apple

In any case, the Apple computer system may have some type of failure and you will not be able to request the refund correctly. The first thing you will always have to check is that if the charge is still pending, you will not be able to request a refund yet. Once the charge has been processed is when you will be able to access this option. In this way you should not worry excessively in this situation, since it is always completely normal.

Likewise, you also have to have some important points regarding payment information. This means that it is possible that there is some type of variation in your card that you used. This makes it really important to update the payment information periodically in case there is any type of variation.