So you can transfer your contacts from SIM to iPhone — 2022

Despite all the technological advances, strange as it may seem, we still depend on a piece of cardboard called a SIM to be able to use our phones one hundred percent. One of the advantages of these cards is that we can store our contacts on it. In this article we tell you how to transfer contacts from the SIM to an iPhone if you come from Android or similar, as well as the reverse way in which you can transfer the contacts from the iPhone to the SIM card.

Contacts from SIM to iPhone

Once you have the SIM card inserted and operational in the iPhone, it is very easy to import the contacts. You just have to go to Settings > Contacts and click on the last option that says Import SIM contacts. Once you do, you will be asked where you want to save it:

iPhone SIM Contacts

    iCloud: option that will allow you to access those contacts from any device that you have signed in with your Apple ID. You can also view it from a non-Apple computer by accessing iCloud web from your browser. Gmail: the contacts are saved in your Google account, being saved and linked to this service for each time you require them. iPhone: If you only want to store your contacts on the phone, you should check this option.

Once you have done this you will be able to see the contacts in the respective iOS application. In fact, you can sort them the way you prefer from the same settings path shown above, being able to choose to sort it by surname, first name, or other combinations.

Storage of new contacts

Every time you add a new contact to the iPhone it will be saved only in one account, but in which one? There are three options again: iCloud, Gmail, and iPhone. You can go to Settings> Contacts and in default account choose the account you want. It should be noted that the way to add contacts in iOS can be diverse, finding yourself with options to add contacts when you receive them through a messaging service or through an app or website that shows a phone number or email from Contact.

Add iPhone contact

The normal way of adding contacts is very simple and does not vary from the classic methods of adding contacts. One way is by dialing the phone in the homonymous app and clicking on Add number. If you have received or made a call to a number that you do not have stored, you must go to the recent calls tab, click on the i icon to obtain more information and at that point you can create a new contact or add it to one that you have already created.

These are the options that are allowed to add to each contact:

  • Photo.
  • Name.
  • Surnames.
  • Business.
  • Mobile.
  • other phones.
  • Ringtone.
  • SMS tone.
  • Direction.
  • Birthday.
  • Another date.
  • Related name.
  • social profile.
  • Contact in instant messaging services.
  • Grades.
  • Other fields (title, phonetic name, name pronunciation, middle name, phonetic middle name, middle name pronunciation, maiden name, suffix, alias, job title, department, phonetic company name).

Back up contacts

Contacts Backup iPhone iCloud

Contacts on an iPhone are one of the items that can sync with iCloud from Settings > your name > iCloud and turning on the Contacts tab. The fact that it is synchronized with this service allows that even without making a backup copy, the data is still kept safe, very useful if you have to configure an iPhone as if it were a new phone and add your same Apple ID to it. If you do not have this box activated or you want to make a copy of the iPhone, you should know that this data is also included. In any case, we recommend you take a look at the article in which we tell youhow to make a full backup of the iPhone.

Can't move contacts from iPhone to SIM

We do not know what is the reason that drives Apple to not allow this option natively, but the truth is that the iPhone does not have the ability to store contacts directly on the SIM card of a phone. If you want to switch from an iPhone to another Android device, you may need to transfer your contacts through Google as we showed above and once on this device, you may already be able to transfer them to the SIM card. If you are going to switch from one Apple phone to another of the brand, it will not be necessary, since with iCloud it would be more than enough to keep your contacts.