This is how you can share the internet with an iPhone — 2022

When you are going to buy a new iPad, you will surely have many doubts about whether to make an extra outlay and buy it with the possibility of connecting it to mobile data or keep only the WiFi connection. If you opt for this second option, you must bear in mind that if you are on the street and need to carry out some type of task on the iPad you can do it by sharing the rate data of your iPhone c on the tablet in a simple way.

Although it is extremely convenient to have a connection on the iPad to be able to be connected to the internet from anywhere without having to use the iPhone, we always want to save money. If we do not take the iPad out of the house for a long time, it may not be worth paying the more than 100 euros that must be paid extra to have the possibility of have a virtual SIM card. That is why the most recommended measure is to share the data from our own iPhone to the iPad and then we will tell you the steps you must take to do so.

Share mobile data from iPhone

If we want to share our mobile data with another computer such as a Mac, an iPhone or any other device, we must first create a personal access point. To do so, we simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. On the iPhone go to Settings.
  2. At the top we will find the option 'Personal hotspot' where we will click
  3. In this menu we simply have to activate the option Allow others to connect and at the bottom we will have the possibility to choose the password.
  4. As if it were a WiFi network, we can impose a password, although it is not necessary to connect the iPad.

internet share iphone

It is important to emphasize this last step since if we have multiple computers registered to the same Apple ID no need to enter any password. This means that if both the iPhone and the iPad are ours and we both have our Apple ID, we will not have to enter a password, although other people will have to do it as is logical.

Connect to the iPhone network from iPad

Once we have created this network, our iPhone will act as if it were a router and we will simply have to search for the network from the iPad. To do this we must follow the following steps:

  1. On your iPad go to ‘Settings’.
  2. In the sidebar we will go to the option called 'WiFi'.
  3. At the top we will find ourselves as one more network that will be called ‘iPhone of…’ s followed by our name or as we have baptized it. We will click on this and as we have said before we will not need to enter any password.

ipad mobile data sharing

It is important to note that in this way we are going to share data of our rate. In other devices of the competition we have the possibility of sharing a WiFi network as such. That is, if we are connected to the WiFi network at home, we can share it with other computers, but Apple believes that this is not important to implement and is limited to this option that we have explained.

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