So you can remove Windows 10 from your Mac computer — 2022

One of the advantages offered by Macs is the possibility of not only accessing the macOS system, but also having Windows installed on a partition thanks to Boot Camp. But what happens when you want to delete that partition? It's possible? Well yes, it is and in this article we will tell you how you can delete it.

If you just want macOS to start

If your situation is that you want to always start the Mac, but not automatically start in Windows, you will not need to delete it. In fact, you can continue to have it available for when you need it and the rest of the time use macOS as normal. For this you only have to change boot disk of the computer.

For this task, you must be logged in as a macOS user who is also an administrator. Then you need to open System Preferences and go to Startup Disk. Once here you must click on the padlock at the bottom to obtain permissions, for which you will be asked for the administrator password. Once this is done, you will only have to select the disk that contains macOS so that every time you turn on the Mac, this is the operating system that appears.

Boot Mac partition

whenever you want boot windows You will only have to press the 'Alt/Option' key when turning on the Mac. At that moment, a black screen will appear with the available startup disks and this is where you must choose the Boot Camp with Windows disk to start the operating system from Microsoft.

Remove Windows 10 from Mac completely

Having a partition with another operating system can offer many advantages that you probably already know, but it also brings drawbacks such as the space it takes up. If this is the case of your partition with Windows, which you also do not take advantage of, you can delete it completely to free up that space. Of course, we recommend you in advance make a backup of Windows using the methods that this system offers, so that you can recover your data and files in the future if you decide to reinstall it.

The steps to follow to delete the Boot Camp partition on the Mac are as follows:

Remove Boot Camp Windows Mac

  • Start the computer in macOS.
  • Close all open applications and windows and if you have external storage devices, disconnect them.
  • Open Boot Camp Assistant.
  • Click Continue.
  • If you have a single disk, you must click on Restore when the option to delete Windows 10 appears. If you have several disks, you must first select the disk that contains this operating system and then click on Restore the disk to a single partition with macOS.
  • Click Continue.

If you wish, there is another option to remove Windows using the classic method to remove partitions from a disk on Mac. To do this, you can do it from macOS itself or by restarting the Mac, we recommend the latter.

Mac Disk Utility

  • With the Mac turned off, press the power button and instantly hold down Command + R.
  • Release the keys when you see the Apple logo appear on the screen or a spinning globe.
  • When macOS Utilities appears, you must click on Disk Utility.
  • In the menu bar go to View > Show all devices in the menu bar.
  • Select the Boot Camp disk that contains Windows 10.
  • Click on Delete and choose the name, format and scheme that you want to give to this partition.

If after this you want completely delete the partition and make it add to the one you have with macOS you must follow these steps and after having formatted the Windows partition you can go to Create partition, click on it in the diagram that appears and click on the - button to add it to the other.

Goodbye to Windows forever on the Mac?

Many things in life have a way back and this is one of them. Just because you delete a Windows partition from your Mac doesn't mean you can't get it back later. If you made a backup of this operating system as we mentioned in previous sections, you can even have it the same way you had it. If this is not the case or you want to have the system completely from scratch, you can at any time follow the steps that we indicate in the tutorial in which we show you how.install windows 10 on a mac.