So you can legally carry your driver's license on your iPhone — 2022

The driver's license is something that we have internalized that we must always carry with us. But the truth is that thanks to technological advances we can leave it at home because now it can be carried on the iPhone itself. This possibility is offered through the official DGT application. And in this article we give you all the details about it.

Is it legal to carry a driver's license on the iPhone?

During these last years we have been conceived the philosophy of having to always carry the documentation always with us physically. Although with the passage of time we have seen how the need to carry many cards has disappeared. We have the clearest example with bank cards and the Apple Pay system. The need to carry them physically to be able to use them in establishments has been eliminated and the rest of the cards will follow the same path, such as the driving license that we are dealing with in this case.


In order to carry your driving license on your mobile, the General Directorate of Traffic itself has created an application for it. It is not enough to take only a photograph, something that is not legal, but you have to use this official application. In this way, having the virtual card becomes totally legal in Spain by having the necessary authentication systems. That is why when asked if it is legal, the answer is yes, as it has all the guarantees from the State authorities.

Everything that the miDGT app allows you to do

In order to have control of both your vehicles and your driving license, the application you need is miDGT. This can be downloaded for free on the App Store and is developed by the General Directorate of Traffic itself. In other words, it has all the necessary security measures so that the driving license is stored in a safe environment and can only be used by the corresponding owner.

Get your driver's license on your iPhone

The main feature that miDGT has is to always carry your driving license on your mobile. As soon as you enter the application at the top you will be able to see the passport photo as well as the number of points you have to date. This is a good way to know if you have been penalized on any occasion in which a point has been withdrawn. Apart from this basic information, you will see that the phrase 'see my card' appears in which you will have access to the complete information.

miDGT card

When you press the information on your driving license will appear with the same structure as in the physical document. In addition, if you click on the upper right corner you can turn the card over like the real one to see all the permits you have in your possession. Normally, the B1 will appear here, but all the ones you have approved in your life will always appear. But the really important thing is the QR code icon that appears at the bottom. This will be the one you must show to the State Security Forces and Bodies when they require it at the controls. By scanning it they will be able to access all the information and it will be here when the authenticity of the digital document is guaranteed.

This is a QR code that is generated automatically with each access to the application. It is important that you do not show it to anyone because it contains all your personal data that obviously only you should know on a day-to-day basis.

Consult the circulation permit of your vehicles

In addition to the driver's license, you can consult many other data related to your vehicles. If you have a vehicle registered in your name with the DGT, you can access its data at any time. The most important is undoubtedly the circulation permit and the technical sheet. As soon as you access the application under your data you will see the vehicles that you have registered in your name. By accessing them you will see their current status as well as access to the technical sheet and the circulation permit. Both documents also have the possibility of generating a unique QR code to show to agents who may require it.

digital circulation permit

Keep in mind that when it comes to an old vehicle, the technical sheet may not be available as it is only in physical format and not digitized. In the rest of the vehicle at any time you can consult all this information.

Know the status of your insurance and ITV

In addition to all the data that we have commented on previously, it should also be noted that in the application you can consult the status of the insurance and the ITV. Sometimes you may be in doubt as to when you should go to carry out the technical inspection. You can consult it at any time and anywhere to know that your car is fully in order to circulate.

What you need to log in to miDGT

In order to guarantee the security of personal data, the DGT only allows access to this information through the digital certificate. It is linked above all to the Cl@ve PIN and Cl@ve Permanente systems. In this way the information is always displayed for the people who own the driver's license. In other words, there is no type of record with your identity number. You must go to the social security offices or request the necessary Cl@ve certificates as a mandatory measure.


Once the session has been started with this certificate, you will not have to do it again. To guarantee security, protection can be activated through Face ID or Touch ID so that only you can view your driving license.