So you can format your external hard drive on Mac — 2022

Format a 'pendrive' or an external hard drive It can be seen as an extremely complicated task on Mac. But nothing could be further from the truth, cleaning a storage unit is quite simple on Mac, using the tools that Apple's operating system offers you.

App to restore an external hard drive

It can be thought that when carrying out this operation, Apple tries to prevent it by not offering the necessary tools. Nothing is further from reality. Among the applications that arrive installed on the Mac initially, is 'Disk Utility'. This is used in a traditional way to format the internal disk of computers when you want to perform a format. But it can also be applied to other storage units that you have connected to the computer at that time, being able to perform the same tasks as on an internal storage unit.

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In this way, it is not necessary to install third-party applications, increasing the security of the system. This is something very important on the part of Apple since it gives protection to all these users who have external storage units.

Steps to follow to format an external hard drive

Formatting an external storage unit is something that you won't do every day, but if you have a flash drive at home that you need to use surely you want to leave it as new . The quickest thing to do is to format it, but obviously always being very careful with the data you have on this device since it will disappear forever when you format it.

To format a storage unit you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Connect the external hard drive or pen drive to your Mac, and go to the Disk Utility application You can do it through the Finder or the Launchpad.
  • When you enter the application, you will see on the left an area dedicated to all the disks that you have on your Mac. This includes both the mounted images, as well as the internal hard disks that have the operating system installed, and also the external drives.
    format hard drive mac
  • When selecting the external storage unit, you will see a series of options at the top. Simply you must select 'Delete' to open the pop-up window with the necessary options to perform the format.
  • Here you will have the possibility to choose the new name of the unit as well as the format in the drop-down menu that you can open . You have to take into account the format that you will select depending on whether you want it to work in Windows or not.
    format hard drive mac
  • Once you have chosen the format and the name simply You must click on 'Delete' for formatting to start.

Perform a full format

It is true that when files are deleted from a storage drive there is no easy way to recover the files, but there is. Security experts can try to recover the files you have deleted. That is why if you want to permanently eliminate something that could be compromising or confidential, the most recommended thing is to go to the security options.

To do that you simply have to enter disk utility and in the lower left corner access the section ‘Security options’ . Here you can choose how well you want a particular drive to be formatted. If you want this data to be unrecoverable, you simply have to move the marker all the way to the right. This, in addition to making the data unrecoverable, will also increase the time you have to wait to have the drive clean. Obviously, in exchange for this, it is possible to destroy absolutely all the files on the unit.

Types of formats to apply to a drive

You may have some doubts regarding the format to choose when formatting a drive. In a very quick way the two main options are the following:

    exFAT: this is the format that you must apply if you want to use the pen drive or external hard drive on a Windows computer. MacOS Plus o APFS: With this format the disc can only be used on Macs.

As you can see, formatting a storage unit on Mac is not complicated at all in macOS since we have the tools installed natively.

And you, has it cost you to perform this simple task on your Mac? Tell us your impressions in the comment box.