This is how you can find out if the iPhone has internal liquid damage — 2022

Thewarranty for an iPhone with water damageIt is very strict, so we must be aware of any splash that the device could have. Although in the last generations these carry certifications of protection against water, the truth is that many times it is not easy to know if it has been wet internally even if it continues to work. There is a method to know it and that we tell you in this same article.

Ideal if you do not know if your iPhone has been damaged

Obviously if your iPhone falls into the water you will know it perfectly and more if you are in front of it. However, it is not so clear to know if water or any other liquid has entered the interior of the device. If it has stopped working after that, there are many possibilities that this is the reason, but to be completely clear, there is an indicator that can help you do this.

Apple has been incorporating an indicator that it calls LCI since the first generations of iPhone, inheriting this feature from the iPod. This indicator can be seen when removing the SIM tray. If it is white, don't worry, the water has not entered. If it's red It will mean that if the liquid has been able to enter and even if the device works, it could fail at some point.

Below you can see where this indicator is located depending on the iPhone you have, extracted from the website of Apple .

wet iphone indicator

What to do if any liquid has entered

Any type of liquid or moisture damage can seriously affect the device's board, since in the end water and electricity are not exactly the best companions. Therefore, if the indicator appears red and the iPhone works, do not trust that it can continue to be that way. Any possible future hardware failure could be derived from it when the water ends up oxidizing the parts.

Try not to shake the iPhone and keep it turned off if the iPhone recently got wet. And in any of the cases, it is recommended that you go to Apple and report it. Even if the warranty does not cover this type of damage and you have to pay for the repair, it will always be better than leaving the iPhone unusable.

iPhone water submersible

Apple specialists have precise tools and knowledge with which to detect the specific damage that may have occurred. In most cases, what is offered is a replacement of the device, practically having to pay for the new device, although you will get another 2 years of warranty. If you have some type of insurance, you can take care of it and if do you have AppleCare+ contracted You will only have to pay 99 euros, which is well below what the replacement will cost you.

Be that as it may, try to use the iPhone with common sense and taking into account that the tests that are carried out by immersing the iPhone are carried out in laboratory environments and with new iPhones and with all the openings sealed, which end up suffering with the pass of the time.