So you can download and save YouTube videos on a Mac — 2022

YouTube is the video portal par excellence on the internet. Beyond Netflix or HBO, the video platform offered by Google continues to reign thanks to its free services. If you have ever wondered if you can download YouTube videos on Mac, the answer is yes, in the same way that you can alsorecord desktop audio from your mac. Different methods can be used to download YouTube videos , from web pages that allow it by simply pasting the video URL to applications.

Websites to download YouTube videos on Mac

There are dozens of web pages that allow you to download YouTube videos in various formats and qualities. From mp3 format keeping only the audio to mp4, AVI and other video formats. The quality goes from 144p up to 1080p .

Download YouTube Videos on Mac

There are several websites to download YouTube videos on Mac

Next we will leave the link of several websites where you can download YouTube videos. The procedure to follow is usually the same in all: Paste the link of the video you want to download, press a button to start the video compression process and finally start downloading the video on your Mac, previously choosing the quality and format.

It must be said that these websites are tested and perform the desired function, but they contain advertising that, if it is true, can be annoying. Once the video is downloaded, there will be no advertising problem nor will it contain a watermark or anything similar.

Use an app to download YouTube videos

An alternative to the websites shown in this post and that can be used to download videos from YouTube is install an app on the Mac to fulfill this task. A good app to have installed on your Mac is Airy . Your download is free although it offers a premium version . Here we detail how to download and use it:

Download YouTube Videos on Mac

Airy allows you to download YouTube videos on Mac

    Download Airy by clicking here . Install the app on the Mac and open it.You will get a message telling you Airy is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? You must press Open . Accept the terms of the applicationand sign in with your YouTube account if you wish. Paste the link in the boxof the YouTube video you want to download, choose the format and quality you want and click on the Download button.
  1. The download will be started and you can download multiple videos at once.
  2. Once the download is finished, right click on the video thumbnail and hit Show in Finder . There will be your video that you can move to the folder you want.

It will be that simple to download YouTube videos whenever you want if you keep Airy installed on your Mac.

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Have you had any problems downloading YouTube videos with the methods we have shown you? Tell us in the comments and we will try to help you.