So you can delete duplicate photos from your iPhone (and other devices) — 2022

The photo gallery of our iPhone can become a real chaos. With so many channels to receive multimedia content, sometimes we can find photos that are repeated because we have downloaded them twice or because they have been sent to us repeatedly. In these cases, we can use some tools to put a little order in the Photos application.

Remove duplicate images from iPhone

Below we explain everything about the possibility of deleting this type of content from your iPhone, analyzing what Apple offers natively, with its weak points and what is therefore the most efficient and fastest method with which to be able to erase all the photos that you have duplicates in your photo gallery, including even the possibility of deleting it at once from other devices that you have synchronized with iCloud, such as an iPad, a Mac and even another iPhone.

Does iOS offer any tool for it?

Going to the point, no, iOS does not allow this procedure to detect and eliminate duplicate photos. Over time, the Photos application has evolved to introduce new mechanisms with which to better visualize our memories, although there are functions like these that are missing. And it is that being able to eliminate duplicate photos not only means that we do not have the same content several times, but also means saving storage space.

The only way there is performing this action is in turn the most tedious and obvious, which is manually searching for the content and deleting it. Therefore, if you have a gallery full of duplicate images or you simply want to know if you have any duplicates, you will have no choice but to resort to third-party applications. These are the ones that will help you in the end to exactly locate that happy repeated content.

Through third-party applications

As we told you before, resorting to third-party tools is the only thing you can do in the absence of a native app. in own App Store of iOS you can find various options, although practically all of them have a very similar operation. One of the most popular, although not the only one as we said, is that of Duplicate Photos Remover , which stands out above all for being totally free.

The explanation about how does it work It works both for her and for others, since we insist on emphasizing that they are usually quite similar. What they basically do is analyze your gallery to find those that are duplicated, so you must give them permissions to access all of it. For your peace of mind, it is advisable that you review the privacy options, since a priori they are secure apps, but in the end they will be accessing content that is private.

Once you open the application in question and proceed to the inspection of your gallery, you should know that this process could take several minutes. In the aforementioned app it is not necessary to stay inside it, being able to do other actions in the meantime on the iPhone without completely closing it. In fact, the application will send you a notification when the scanning of your photos has finished.

Once that process is finished, you will have at your disposal a list in which to observe the photographs that you have repeated. In a very intuitive way, you will also have access to the options offered by the tool, being able to delete them individually if you decide to review them one by one or delete all at once. In this case, we recommend that you always use the first option, since it could be that it detects the same photos when they are simply similar and therefore you eliminate some that you did not want.

Delete duplicate photos

In the case of Duplicate Photos Remover, the app itself already shows you which photos are identical because they are the same and which ones are simply similar. The latter are usually those referred to when several shots are taken for a photograph, leaving the others saved without realizing it. Well, you can examine them all and make a decision, knowing that the removal process may take several minutes, always depending on the number of images you are going to delete.

You must bear in mind that, although the app will indicate it beforehand, normally this deletion of photographs also occurs in other devices that are linked by iCloud , so this will avoid having to repeat this process on each one and save time, although it can be fatal if you want nothing more than to be removed from the iPhone.

Problems deleting duplicate photos

Once you have carried out the above procedure, it is possible that you have encountered some kind of problem or failure. Don't worry because there aren't usually many and it's not even common, so below we'll show you how you can solve all the errors that may arise during the process of deleting duplicate photos from your iPhone.

If the application has not removed the duplicates

If you have not been able to get the application to carry out the process correctly, be it the recommended one or any other, it is advisable that you run an analysis of your gallery again and make sure that you have followed the steps correctly. If it still doesn't work, try restarting your iPhone and even deleting and reinstalling the app. These are actions that usually seem somewhat stupid, but they usually have their effect by removing junk files that are causing the problem.

If you have not been able to execute the duplicate photo deletion correctly either, it is advisable that you try another application. This way you can make sure if it is a problem with the previous application. In any case, this procedure must always be carried out with pictures of the native app of the iPhone, not of Google Photos or a similar app, since in these its effectiveness is not guaranteed.

rescue deleted photos

If the problem is that you have deleted a photograph that you did not want, do not worry. As happens when you delete them manually, they are stored for 30 days in an album of the photos application. Accessing it and recovering the photograph(s) is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Open Photos on your iPhone.
  2. At the bottom we choose 'Albums'.
  3. At the end of the screen we will see the 'Deleted' section and we will enter it.
  4. Tap on the top right corner 'Select' and choose the photos you want to recover.
  5. Click on the bottom right corner 'Recover'.

You must bear in mind that the photographs you have deleted will only be here for 30 days, as we previously warned you. Once that time has elapsed, they will be deleted automatically to avoid saturating the internal storage of the device, and it will be then when they can no longer be recovered in any way.