So you can connect two pairs of headphones to an Apple TV — 2022

If you are one of those who enjoys watching content as a couple, be it with a friend, a family member or your sentimental partner, you may be interested in the possibility of connecting two headphones to an Apple TV at the same time. This is precisely what we are going to address in this article. Being able to connect two pairs of headphones to an Apple TV has interesting advantages. The first thing is that you could enjoy a better sound if your headphones are of quality, without losing details that can be diluted with ambient noise. Also, it is extremely useful. if you don't want to disturb other people that they are in the house. It will also serve both to listen to music or podcast and to watch series, movies or any other audiovisual content.

Previous requirements

Apple TV 4K

Unfortunately, not all Apple TVs out there support this functionality. In fact, today there is only one team that allows it to be done, the Apple TV 4K , also known as the fifth generation. The reason there are no more compatible devices is that you need to Bluetooth 5.0 , a technology that only incorporates this device at the moment. In addition, you will need to have tvOS 14 or later as software version.

The other big question is, do all headphones work? The answer is no, as these will also need to have certain Bluetooth technology. In any case, there are many hearing aids that have these characteristics today. If we stick to the Apple brand, both the AirPods and the most current Beats generations can. Other popular brands like Sony, Bose and others also have headphones that allow it.

How to use two headphones on Apple TV

If you have already made sure that you meet the requirements, it is time to proceed to connect the headphones. This process is really very simple and the same steps must be followed as when connecting a single pair of headphones.

bluetooth headphone apple tv

  • On Apple TV, go to Settings.
  • and a controls and devices.
  • Under Other Devices, tap Bluetooth .
  • Turn on or set the pairing mode on your headphones.
  • Click on the headphone name .
  • Now you just have to click on connect device and wait for the link to be established.
  • Follow the same steps to pair the other pair of headphones.

Once you have done this you will already have two pairs of headphones connected and you will hear the same thing in both, although with obvious differences in quality if they are not the same model. The volume control It can be done with the Siri Remote, controlling both devices at the same time.

You may be wondering now if it is possible to connect three or more devices and unfortunately it is not possible. Current technology is enough for two pairs, which is fine and could be enough in most cases.