So you can block contacts in the Mail app in iOS 13 — 2022

With the arrival of iOS 13 we now have a new function in Mail that is tremendously interesting, such as blocking specific senders so that their emails go directly to the trash. This can be very useful for that sender who it only sends us spam or a newsletter from which we cannot unsubscribe, or do we just have somecontact in our agendaof which we do not want to read their mails. In this article, we explain how you can block contacts in the native Mail app in iOS 13.

That's how easy it is to block senders in Mail

If we want to block a specific contact, we simply have to go to one of the emails that have come from him and at the top we will see the contact information of the sender. Clicking on this will open a window where we have the possibility to block it as you can see in the following images. This is one of the easiest ways out there toremove spam from iPhone in calls or mails.

But… where do these emails go? We ourselves can decide where we want the emails of the people we have blocked to go. We just have to go to Settings > Mail > Blocked sender options Here we can decide whether to transfer the email from the blocked sender to the trash or mark it as blocked but keep it in the inbox. We recommend you, especially if it is a sender who sends us only spam, transfer it to the trash directly and thus we will not even have to see them.

Apple itself has published a video where it explains this new action that we leave you below:

We believe that Apple has taken small steps to improve Mail but that there is still a lot of work to do. It is true that there are functions likeadd different email accounts easilybut we miss many more functions to improve our productivity, such as the possibility of scheduling emails, which is something very common in other mail managers from other developers.

What we have also seen in iOS 13 in addition to the possibility of blocking senders is that it is now easier to add multimedia content to the body of a message adding attachment options on top of our keyboard like we have in other native apps like reminders or notes.

But in short, with this blocking option that is the highlight, we believe that we will reduce spam in our inbox or from those people that we do not want to know anything about.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new option to block senders in Mail, did you know it or have you already used it?