Can an iPhone battery explode? what you should know — 2022

The fact that smartphone batteries are the components that degrade the fastest is due to the fact that they are very sensitive elements. In the past we have seen very notorious cases about devices that caught fire because of them, but to what extent can this happen on a regular basis? Can an iPhone battery explode too? We answer these and other questions below.

The Apple system that prevents this from happening

You have probably noticed that when you pick up your iPhone, it is hotter than usual. This usually occurs when the device is running heavy processes or multiple processes at the same time. Indexing data after restoring, processing a high-resolution photograph, games with demanding graphics... Therefore, it is something completely normal.

Based on this, you may be wondering if with a high demand for several minutes and hours the battery can catch fire or something similar. And no. Apple implements aiPhone protection system against overheatingthat prevents the device from reaching temperatures that could endanger the terminal itself or yourself.

iPhone temperature warning

When iOS detects that the iPhone is reaching these high temperatures, it closes all open processes and shuts down, simply displaying a message warning that the device will not be functional again until the temperature is reduced. At this point it is impossible to turn it on, so the risk of major problems occurring is practically nil.

The use you should do to avoid problems

Perhaps on some occasion you have read or seen a video showing an iPhone on fire. And although we don't want to deny such a fact either, the truth is that it has never become widespread nor has sufficient evidence been provided to indicate that these few users have not exposed their iPhone to non-recommended conditions.

And it is that, if you follow a series of simple guidelines, nothing similar should ever happen. Guidelines that are also often dictated by common sense. At the point where the iPhone cannot be turned on due to high temperatures as we mentioned before, you should not expose it to direct sunlight or high temperatures that do not favor its cooling. Although it is not advisable that you take it to excessively low temperatures suddenly. And no, neither a fridge , since the contrast could also be dangerous.

It is also recommended that when the device is in that state don't put it on charge , since energy would be entering it that would only favor it to continue heating or, failing that, that the temperature it currently has does not drop. It is also recommended remove the cover or casing , if it has one, in such a way that it can favor the regulation of its temperature.

do not charge iphone

So, following these tips and thanks to this native protection system, we can say that there is no risk of an iPhone battery exploding. And being honest, in the rest of the brands it also seems difficult to find these problems if recommendations like the ones we have mentioned are followed.