Calm! Siri listens to us but she doesn't spy, we tell you everything — 2022

Yesterday all the alarms went off due to an article in El País in which it was insinuated that Siri was spying on us. All this as a result of a recent news in which the same was stated by other companies such as Google or Amazon through their smart speakers. However, sticking to Siri's own mechanism, we found that it's not really espionage as such but rather some listening that, at least on paper, would serve to improve Apple's assistant

Why does Siri listen to us? Do you listen to everything we talk about?

An intelligent assistant such as Siri must come from home already prepared, that is, it must have a series of previously established ranges that allow the assistant to work. However, artificial intelligence is also based on the learning that it makes of us and for this reason it is important that in some way record our use to improve it .

Listening to Siri is always activated so that when you say the famous hey Siri, the assistant starts automatically without having to press any button. However these continuous recordings are not recorded on any company server . It could be said that the operation is something similar to that of many security cameras, and that is that these recordings are automatically deleted and of course it remains that nobody listens to what we speak when we are not using Siri.