Buy the iPhone you want — 2022

Apple has a good catalog of iPhone in the market, but we always ask ourselves the typical question of whether to buy it now that the iPhone is more convenient. The answer is clear buy the one you like the most and the one you can afford .

Apple does an excellent textbook marketing , when they release a new product, we have the need to update ours (in most cases). We don't know why, but we want it.

In each new version they offer us a percentage of performance with the penultimate iPhone so that the increase is more significant . Play with the data on battery performance without giving technical specifications for a simple reason.

It is easier to convince a user who has skipped a generation or another than just buying the terminal after a few months. I'm not saying it's wrong, on the contrary, they know how to apply these techniques very well, as I mentioned before, by hand.

Dependence on a new iPhone

we tried convince ourselves of the benefits that updating our terminal would have, which we barely enjoyed, especially shielding it with a screen protector and various covers during its lifetime.

All this to get the maximum profit when selling it to get a new iPhone. Of course, also to enjoy a pristine terminal when we have made an investment that has not really been cheap.

If we do not have it in the first weeks of launch or on the same day, despair begins and we even notice that our current iPhone is already on its last legs. It seems that the first 15 days are crucial to make the decision or to have it at home. Nothing to do with reality.

Every novelty seems spectacular , even if it is Animoji (which it is), but it is already beginning to be in our orbit of positive things to make the leap, a novelty that our current phone does not have and for an inexplicable reason, we need it.

Of course, there are many more reasons to want change an iPhone , from the camera or performance for existing tasks to the new color. It doesn't matter, each client has his reasons, but they are just some examples so that we understand each other, and surely, you will feel identified.

the tables are turning

Now that we have discovered that iPhones with a degraded battery, Apple applied a planned obsolescence . Who does not want to see him like this is because he is blind. Many customers have realized that it is not really worth upgrading their phone, since its operation is correct again once changed. for 29 euros .

So that dependency has started to fade, we've seen it with the latest sales of new devices. Be careful, it is not that they are a failure, far from it, just that they are not reaching the intended objective, while other terminals such as the 6s The 7 they are having very positive sales , especially in the Christmas campaign.

Now users want a combination of a spectacular phone with a more affordable price, we don't need more. We no longer chase the latest novelty. We already know the performance problem and how to solve it, with which, for normal use, we do not need to have the latest high-end, because the current ones also offer extraordinary performance at an extraordinary price .

The one that meets your expectations and does not suppose a significant financial burden . As simple as that. There's no more. Apple puts on its website the iPhones that are supported and that will perform well with current and future operating systems.

Currently, we have a variety of iPhones for all audiences, from those who want a compact phone with good performance to the one looking for a 5.5 phablet. All of them with different prices, according to the needs and pockets of each one.

As a recommendation, always try to buy the latest iPhone available, that you like and what you can afford . Simply because if you have so many doubts, it is understood that it will be your main phone for a long time, so it will be better one that can support you for a long time.

One thing must be clear, if Apple sells an iPhone (whatever it is), it is because is optimized to deliver a positive user experience. Apple does not risk launching a device that will not work fairly well with the operating system that it touches in that year and in future versions. Before that, it just doesn't allow to update the device.

That Apple has done things wrong by hiding relevant information from the customer about the performance of the iPhone, is a different issue, of which they already apologized and they are receiving several international demands .

So you already know, buy the iPhone you want , enjoy it and get the most out of it.