Buy lottery from your own iPhone with these apps — 2022

The lottery purchase is a fairly common practice among many users, either on a daily basis or at a specific time in the big draws at the end of the year. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is no longer necessary to go to a Lottery Administration to make this purchase since it can be done through an iPhone. In this article we present the main applications to make online lottery purchases.

Remember: always play responsibly with the lottery

Of course, not everyone can bet freely in Spain. A series of requirements must be met where, of course, being of legal age prevails. All the applications that we are going to present always require that you be over 18 years of age to place bets in compliance with current legislation. In the end, this purchasing process is very similar to the one you have in an administration or in a sales position. Obviously, you should always go to any application that complies with the basic rules of safe play. These rules include providing clear information about prizes and how to play, preventing illegal gambling, or setting clear rules.

Obviously all these applications are protected by different companies that fall under the legal registers to regulate gambling and betting. That is why the bets that are made fall within the legality and with all the necessary guarantees so that you do not have any type of inconvenience in the purchase or receipt of prizes.

Buy lottery with iPhone

TL: State lotteries and bets


Tu Lotero is undoubtedly one of the most famous applications to be able to make lottery purchases and place bets. It does not have any type of commission and allows you to buy euromillion, make primitives or pools. Obviously it allows you to make the purchase of the Christmas lottery or the child's lottery in a totally safe way. The most interesting thing about this is that you can buy tickets in a shared way with many other people, something ideal to buy half numbers with a friend or co-workers.

TL: State Lotteries and Bets TL: State Lotteries and Bets Descargar QR-Code TL: State Lotteries and Bets Developer: TuLotero



With this application you can scan all the physical tickets you have so that you have them all stored in one place. This makes it quite easy to consult them to determine which one has been awarded. Apart from this, new tickets can also be obtained through the application which includes the national lottery, euromillions, primitive, bonoloto or the primitive among others.

ScanLotería - Lottery Scanner ScanLotería - Lottery Scanner Descargar QR-Code ScanLotería - Lottery Scanner Developer: Betting Interactive Games SL


ONCE app

In the event that you want to get an ONCE number, this is the most suitable application as it is the official one. Numerous games are included such as the famous Scratch Cards, the Mega Millionaire among many other draws. In addition to the traditional purchase of tickets, there are betting games exclusive to the app, such as Monopoly, with which you can roll virtual dice to obtain a random result and win or not the corresponding prize.

GamesONCE: Draws of the ONCE GamesONCE: Draws of the ONCE Descargar QR-Code GamesONCE: Draws of the ONCE Developer: ONCE



Another of the most famous applications that can be found to make the lottery purchase. You can scan the tenths that you have already bought physically or acquire a new one from the National Lottery, Quiniela, Primitiva and much more. With a simple touch you can recharge the application's wallet that is linked to your account to spend exactly what you want and you can share everything you have bought with your contacts through social networks or instant messaging services.

MILOTO - Lotteries and bets MILOTO - Lotteries and bets Descargar QR-Code MILOTO - Lotteries and bets Developer: El Negrito Lottery S.L.



Extremely complete application that allows you to bet and buy lottery in a simple way thanks to its attractive interface. Integrate different mathematical formulas to improve your bets and different user funds to be able to share the bets with another person. You can create different clubs to be able to decide on the lottery purchase jointly, both national lottery, Christmas, EuroMillions, Primitive...

Hispaloto: Lotteries and Bets Hispaloto: Lotteries and Bets Descargar QR-Code Hispaloto: Lotteries and Bets Developer: Information Technology S.L.

And you, do you usually bet with the help of your mobile?