Buy Christmas Lottery from your iPhone — 2022

Next December 22 the draw for the Christmas lottery , if you still don't have a tenth, you can buy one right now from your iPhone. If you are reading this, it is possibly because you have not been able or you have not wanted to stand in endless queues to buy your tenth of Christmas or you want increase your luck . Thanks to some applications, you can buy a tenth or make State bets from anywhere and from the comfort of your iPhone . We are going to present you twoapplications to buy christmas lottery on the iPhone.

Christmas lottery in the official app


This app is the state lottery official . In it, we can place bets in various categories. But in addition, we have the opportunity to buy our Lottery tickets just as if we were doing it in a physical establishment.

It is completely safe and does not charge commissions. The only problem is that it usually gives quite a few mistakes when using the application, having a really low rating.

It is not adapted to the new iPhone X, but we still have the possibility of placing bets with all the security offered by the official application of the State.

Download the official app

Buy Christmas Lottery at TuLotero

This application has generated many awards and one high trust among users . The operation of the application is really good, as well as being quite safe and offering us several options to play in a group.

It offers us the possibility of buying Lottery Christmas in different geographical points or to choose our own number. If we also want to play in group or with a rock , from our iPhone we can do it without any difficulty.

Is completely free and does not charge commissions for the prizes obtained. If we play in a group, we can distribute the prizes equally among our friends from the app itself.

You can try it and get a free €1 to make a bet and thus check the ease and reliability of the application. If you receive any prize, you will see it reflected in a notification on your iPhone.

Download the TuLotero app

Get €1 FREE

Now, all that remains is to cross our fingers and wait for that notification on our iPhone that could make us millionaires with the Christmas lottery and other bets.

Have you already tried any of these applications? Have you reserved your tenth of the Christmas Lottery from your iPhone?