Buy an Apple Watch Series 5 or a Huawei GT 2? Pros and cons — 2022

Nobody doubts that the Apple Watch is the king of the smartwatch industry and probably more Apple users will know how to take advantage of it. However, it is not the only smartwatch to use with our iPhone, since we find alternatives that, either due to price or design, can be very worthwhile. In this post we put the latest Apple Watch Series 5 face to face with the Huawei GT 2.

Apple Watch and Huawei GT: two opposing designs

There is an almost fundamental aspect when buying anything and what generates the first impression: the design. Sometimes it can even become decisive when buying it, since on rare occasions we will get to acquire a product that, despite its advantages, does not appeal to us aesthetically.

apple watch series 5 2019 apple

In the case of Apple Watch Series 5 we find a classic design of the watches of the Cupertino company. It stands out for its different shape from most, with a hybrid between square and round screen . In fact, in the latest models they have been able to take more advantage of the front, giving it a higher screen ratio, which makes it very pleasing to the eye. In this case it is available in size of 40 o 42 mm and in various materials: aluminum, stainless steel and titanium ceramic. In addition to being available in silver, space gray or gold , depending on the materials. It also allows swap straps .

Huawei GT 2

In it Huawei GT 2 we found a design more faithful to analog watches thanks to its round screen. It is available in sizes of 42 o 46 mm. Of course, it is available in a single material of aluminum which is quite sturdy. also allows interchangeable straps , either the official ones of the brand or those that can be found in other stores.

It should be noted that both watches have a AMOLED screen of very good quality and that performs very well in low light circumstances. In the buttons we find a digital crown on the Apple Watch that also emits haptic vibrations, as well as an elongated button for certain functions. In the Huawei watch we find two rounded style buttons that also serve us for various functions.

In functionalities none falls short

As good smartwatches, both devices will serve us to receive notifications on the wrist by pairing them with our respective phones. The Apple Watch no es compatible con Android , but Huawei GT 2 does link to an iPhone. Therefore we will be able to receive and answer calls and messages with both, in addition to being able to access certain applications optimized for them. At this point, perhaps the apple watch stands out a little more, since it has a Own App Store in which the applications seem to be more optimized than in its rival.

Huawei GT 2

Something to note, which has been verified in experiences of use, is that despite the fact that the Huawei one connects with the iPhone, the experience is not only inferior to that of a Watch with an iPhone, but it also shows a some lag regarding the connection it has with Android. However, it is not something very exaggerated either.

If there is something for which both watches are designed, it is to exercise, so in them we find various applications and functions that will allow a sports activity tracking . Measuring kilometers traveled, steps taken, calories burned and recording all training is something present in both. In fact, the two share a certain symmetry when it comes to showing us the activity rings that must be completed each day.

The Apple Watch also incorporates a series of very interesting native tools such as the menstrual cycle control through an integrated app also on the iPhone, the environmental noise control , as well as other utilities such as a compass.

Apple Watch ECG

As far as health aspects As far as it is concerned, the Huawei GT 2 is capable of measuring the pulsations and carrying out a certain graphic follow-up of them. The same happens with the Apple Watch Series 5, although in this case it goes a little further and we even find the function of perform ECG . These cannot be considered a medical test as such, but like the sensor that alerts emergencies when we fall, it has already proven to be very effective in alerting us to possible heart conditions.

Another positive aspect of the Apple Watch is the possibility to add an eSim , in such a way that the iPhne can be dispensed with in order to have an internet connection or receive calls. This is ideal if you do sports often and do not want to carry your mobile with you. By contrast, the Huawei GT 2 does not have this possibility.

When talking about the fluency of both, we can give a technical draw. both the chip S3 of Apple as the Kirin A1 from Huawei make it possible for us to navigate the interface quickly. On topics of battery autonomy we see an amazing difference, since the clock of Huawei can last 20 days , which is a real bullshit. The Apple Watch Series 5 for its part can last 2 days , taking into account the use and that the 'always on display' is not activated, which makes the screen always stay on showing certain data.

Price: another determining factor

The exact price of both watches depends largely on the materials chosen or the size, as well as the store where they are purchased. Therefore, we are going to look at the lowest prices at which we can find them, even though it is in the most basic versions. The Apple Watch starts at 449 euros in the Apple Store, so it is a considerable amount depending on the purpose of the watch.

The Huawei GT 2 is priced at 179 euros , which is a substantial difference. Obviously we see that for practical purposes it has some other functionality less than the Apple watch, but if its design and long autonomy attracts you, it can be a very good option. In this case we do find from time to time some Amazon discount .

Is an Apple Watch Series 3 or Huawei GT 1 worth it?

If you don't mind not having the latest of the latest, we can find that versions like the Apple Watch Series 3 and Huawei GT 1 can more than comply. Their specifications are somewhat tighter than the current ones, but they are still very optimal wearables that perform great on a day-to-day basis. If there is something for which they can also compensate, it is for their price , especially on portals like Amazon where there may be sporadic offers.

Comprar Apple Watch Series 3 buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 166.30 Buy Huawei GT1 buy it at EUR 99.76

The Huawei GT 1 becomes a bargain for 99 euros , this being an offer that is not permanent but very likely to appear on the portal. The Apple Watch Series 3 for its part also plays its role with a price of €229 and even less on many occasions when an offer is seen.

Ultimately, we believe that both brands offer very interesting watches . In the end, it is the user who has to decide which one suits him best, so we limit ourselves to offering some data and he must be the one who judges them.