Bruce Springsteen already has a trailer for his documentary on Apple TV + — 2022

Being able not only to enjoy series and movies, butwatch streaming documentariesIt is one of the benefits that we find in services such as Apple TV +. In recent times the company has released some interesting titles with more than relevant protagonists. Even The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, will have his own documentary on the platform of Californians. Precisely in these last hours the first trailer has been published and the release date has been announced.

Bruce Springsteen Letter To You on October 23

Letter To YouIt is not only the new single from the New Jersey artist, but it also gives the name to his next album and the documentary that will premiere on Apple TV + later this month. Friday, October 23 is the date chosen by the company, a day of the week that is also usually the usual one to see new releases on the platform.

The video trailer that you have been able to see is the official one, launched by the platform's own YouTube channel and gives us a few small glimpses of what we can see at its premiere. The company rates it as a tribute to the legendary E Street Band of which Springsteen has been a part since 1972, despite an interruption of a decade from 1989 to 1999. In the film we will be able to witness in first person the sensations, thoughts and other reflections of the protagonist regarding his life and the creation of his new album. All this in the middle of a tour of the United States. This documentary also stands out for showing unpublished material of Springsteen's work.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is expected that this documentary will be broadcast in original language with subtitles , something that is already common in this genre and more specifically on the Apple TV + platform. We do not know more specific information about its duration and if more additional material will be added at its premiere, but we will continue to be attentive to any information in this regard.

Apple surrounds itself with stars on its streaming platform

If Apple TV + has been characterized by something since its inception, it is because of the good balance it makes between renowned actors and lesser-known actors. Precisely in his revelation titles such as Servant, characters that were not well known stand out. However, star content such as The Morning Show or Defending Jacob have among their ranks renowned actors such as Jennifer Aniston , Reese Witherspoon The Chris Evans . But also in the most informative programs or documentaries stars like Lebron James The Will Smith . Even the very Oprah Winfrey It already has a multitude of programs on the platform.

Ta-Nehisi Coater: The Water Dancer

This shows that Apple not only wants to attract the attention of those who are already users of the brand, but also uses these characters with pull as a claim for those who a year later do not even know what Apple TV + offers. . In any case, they are not pure filler, but the contents in which they participate enjoy great quality. This latest documentary on Bruce Springsteen is just one more proof of this and is also somewhat reminiscent of the already released documentary on the Beastie Boys.