Bring, the best application to go to the supermarket and buy smartly — 2022

One of the best tips that they can give us to avoid spending more on the purchase is to make a list with all the products that we need. This, in addition to being able to fill the car with what is necessary, also makes don't forget absolutely nothing. But making notes by hand is something that has become totally outdated and that is why we have to update ourselves with Bring, an application that is ideal for going to the supermarket.

Make your shopping list smart

As soon as we enter the application we find that we can sign in securely with our Apple ID , the new feature that was included in iOS 13. Once we have logged in we can start adding products to the list from a wide selection that we can customize. At the top we find a search engine to put what we need and if it is not in the list we can always create it. Also if, for example, we choose 'Milk' above the keyboard, some smart labels will appear such as 'almonds', 'soy', 'whole'... to make everything much more specific.

bring, application to make the purchase

Something that has caught our attention is that the application you can recommend us products to buy . For example, if it is detected that we buy a carton of milk a week, in the application we will see with different colored markers if the milk is running out or there is not directly to add it to the list. That is, as we use this application you will learn from us and our habits making making the shopping list much easier because if we always buy the same products and consume them at the same time, everything will be much easier.

But it is not just a simple shopping list application, since it includes a tab at the bottom called 'inspiration' that will show us a series of recipes. This is tremendously useful if we don't know what to eat for the week and instead of resorting to another recipe application or a book we can stay in Bring and see from simple breakfasts to really complicated dinners. And with a simple touch on the recipe, the food will be added to the shopping list in addition to having at our disposal the different steps that we must follow.

Another of the 'problems' of going shopping is that we have many point cards from different establishments . With this application you will be able to go to your supermarkets with your loyalty cards virtually since it will allow you to store them in an integrated Wallet and we will simply have to show the barcode at the checkout. In addition, to avoid having to open a thousand tabs to search for the cards, we can add them to the shopping list itself to make it much easier when going through the checkout.

Bring allows you to share shopping lists with other people

If you have roommates, if you do the shopping together at home or you are in an office, you can easily share the lists with your acquaintances. Through a simple link you can share a note of the purchase with your friends, family or roommates and any changes you make can be seen by everyone instantly.

Without a doubt, this is the application that should accompany you in the purchase and it is totally free. It also has a computer version that we can easily access through a generated link that will reach us by email. In its web version we can do exactly the same as on our iPhone when it comes to adding products to the list and being able to share them with all the members of this list.


You can download the Bring app fully from the App Store here.

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