Block 3D Junior becomes free for a limited time on the App Store — 2022

The App Store is full of educational applications and games, one of them is the one that we present today, Block 3D Junior . Although she is a few years old, she has been able to maintain her degree of satisfaction among the most demanding users, the children.

Yes, this game is thinking for the most little ones from home , although it will really hook us if we decide to try it. We have done it and being honest, we have been longer than expected to test it.

The methodology is simple, we have to build objects through colored blocks by pressing on the screen of the iPad o iPhone . To get an idea of ​​what we can build, 3D Block Junior shows us some examples to get inspired.

Block 3D Junior

The game received several awards for its work, in addition to being featured in its own App Store . Its developer has been actively updating the application until a year ago, which still does not take advantage of the full screen of the new iPad Pro or the latest iPhone, that is, it is not adapted.

Despite this, we have tested it on several devices and we have not had any problems in terms of compatibility. Block 3D Junior has very positive reviews and is recommended for boys and girls from four years old.

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