eye! Quit smoking apps could be sharing your data — 2022

It is already known that giving up a habit as unhealthy as it is addictive, quitting smoking, is not an easy task. For this reason, it is usually tried to find methods that help in this process. One way to try to combat that initial anxiety about quitting is often withsmoking cessation apps, which through various tips and data samples can be very useful. However, a recent study by the AMA, the American Medical Association, has discovered that many of the free apps related to this topic could be sharing user data. Below we tell you all the details.

Google and Facebook take advantage of smoking data

as echoed 9to5Mac , the AMA has recently published a study in which he states that many of the free applications that are in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play they nurture their income with the exchange of data. The companies to which they would provide this data would be none other than Facebook and Google , two large companies that, once again, are splashed inprivacy scandals.

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The most remarkable thing about this case is not that the apps share data, since it is often common and we ourselves accept these terms when entering the application. The really serious thing is that some of the apps they do not mention that they are going to proceed to exchange your data . Thus, in addition to not allowing the user the possibility of accepting these terms or not, they are not even informed.

The study does not strictly mention what type of data is exchanged, but it can be deduced that it would be related to the health of users . Many of these apps require the introduction of data related to respiratory diseases and other pathologies derived from smoking . If this is the data exchanged, it should be noted that it is highly confidential information.

From the digital medium The Verge they believe that the reason for the data sharing of quit smoking apps is to set personalized ads on the social networks with which such data is shared . Thus, in this way they would achieve a very important approach to a user who, on occasions, resorts to all kinds of methods and formulas with the sole purpose of quitting smoking.

The name of the applications that would be committing this violation has not been revealed but it is likely that they have already received a notice to stop transferring data without consent. We already know that in the case of Apple and its App Store They are usually blunt when it comes to privacy issues. and thus the apps could even be removed for download.

Do you use any such application? Do you have any suspicion that your data is being exchanged? Tell us about it in the comment box.