iOS 14.3 beta 2 has already been released, when will you see it on your iPhone? — 2022

A new version of iOS is on the way and although this is not difficult to predict because it is always like that, the truth is that we can even know about it thanks to the beta versions. Yesterday the second of iOS 14.3 was released, accompanied by the respective iPadOS 14.3. It is already available for both developers and public testers and although it is not expected that these intermediate versions will bring major changes as in the September updates, but there are interesting news.

We remember what's new in this version

At the moment no notable news has been found in beta 2 of iOS 14.3 with respect to its first version. We recall below what were the most relevant novelties of that one:

  • ProRaw support for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. With theiPhone ProRAW functionRaw photographs may be taken.
  • News in Health as a section dedicated to pregnancy.
  • Integration of a new search engine called Ecosia.
  • Being able to measure the air quality of many cities with Apple Maps.
  • Signs of the arrival ofApple Fitness+ service.

  • Support for controls of new generations of game consoles.
  • Third-party app suggestions.
  • Improvements in the Search app and nods to future AirTags.
  • An icon appeared that could be referring to the still unannounced AirPods Studio.

Is its installation recommended?

Like every beta, no. Although it is possible to remove and return to a stable version later, the truth is that the betas as such could generate instability on the devices. It is true that unlike larger versions like iOS 14 it does not contain as many bugs, but they could still appear. The most classic are unexpected restarts or the incompatibility of certain apps. Therefore, its download is only recommended for developers who want to test their tools in this future version. If in any case you want to install it, we remind you that we have a tutorial in which we tell youhow to install an iOS or iPadOS beta.

iOS 14.3

Will its final version arrive soon?

The process of Apple software updates is easy to understand and it is that the betas for developers arrive first, without an exact number of these, and weeks or months later the final versions for all users. With the large versions they are usually there throughout the summer, but with these the process is accelerated and in a matter of about a month it usually reaches the end user. The same does not happen with three-digit versions, such as a hypothetical iOS 14.2.1, which, if released, would be to correct a specific problem that arose in 14.2.

Therefore, considering that we have been two weeks with the betas of iOS 14.3, we could have mid december as the period marked in red for this update. But we insist on saying that there is nothing set for it, so we recommend that you keep an eye on this medium, since we will notify you when this final version comes out and we will tell you all the news that it will finally incorporate.