The best video players for Mac — 2022

macOS includes a native video player that is Quick Player, but on certain occasions it falls short when it comes to playing certain video formats. Faced with this situation we must resort to looking for alternatives on the internet and that is why this article is we will try to gather the best video players for Mac what's on the net.

These are the best video players on macOS

On the net we can find great classics to be able to play our videos, but without a doubt we must open borders to new quality applications that we are going to try to discover with this article.

VLC Player

The quintessential application when it comes to playing any type of video on our Mac or PC is without a doubt VLC Player . This is a cross-platform media player from Open Source and very simple to use. Plays practically any type of format in macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS…


VLC Player Logo

no face missing i Install third-party codec packs and support 4K content. In addition to being able to play any type of format, we can work with different transmission protocols that will allow us to play streaming content in a simple and efficient way. Obviously it also offers us support for Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, VCD... This can happen if you have aCD or DVD reader for Mac.

VLC Media Player can be downloaded and used from free of charge as it is open source. You can find it to download on their official website here.

Elmedia Player

In the Mac App Store e the star player is Elmedia Player. This free player for macOS can play any type of video format like AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, MOV, DAT…

elmedia player

It allows us to create playlists and also works really well with subtitle files and also these can be adjusted to our liking so that there is a correct synchronization. It is compatible with Apple AirPlay technology so we can retransmit the content on other products in the Apple ecosystem in a really simple way. Of course, this feature is not free, offering us a two-minute trial.

To be able to enjoy all the video playback features we can get the Pro version with a payment of €10.99 within the application.

MPlayer X

This player is designed to be used primarily on a Mac. Operation is awfully simple and stands out by consume hardly any resources making it ideal for any kind of equipment regardless of its power.

mplayer x

It includes interesting features such as the possibility of changing the size of the subtitles or the remote playback support via other Apple equipment. For us, this is a great alternative because it works really well and is compatible with most video formats without having tremendously complex menus.

Download MPlayerX here.


This player may not sound familiar to you, but if I tell you its previous name, it was XBMC it might bring back quite a few memories. This is a player that cannot be missing from a compilation as it offers us a true multimedia center.


It has a very intuitive interface that is pleasing to the eye, allowing us to organize all our files in a very simple way. In addition to supporting most formats, it will allow us to add third-party extensions and play streaming content. Without a doubt this service is a threat to VLC because there are many similarities between both applications.

To download it for free you can do it from here on its official website.

If you use another application in your day to day, I hope you leave it in the comment box so that we can continue exploring new video players on macOS.