Best apps to watch TV for free from your iPhone or iPad — 2022

It is practically an evidence that the way of watching television is changing. Whether it's because of services like Netflix or because we increasingly give more importance to mobile devices than to televisions, the truth is that television is no longer consumed in the same way as a decade ago. However, if you want to continue enjoying the classic TV channels from your iPhone or iPad, you should know that you can do it and in this post we will tell you how, since in the App Store you can find applications for everything, fromapps to teach children to read, untilapps to read food labels.

How to watch free tv online from iPhone or iPad

There are numerous applications in the iOS App Store that allow us to watch television from our iPhone, iPad and even from an iPod touch. And although we will show you the most outstanding ones below, we want to point out that most television channels have their own app to be able to watch their content, either live or on demand. Some of them are RTVE a la carte (Spanish Radio Television channels), Mitele (Mediaset channels) or Atresplayer (Atresmedia channels).

It is noteworthy as important tip before using any of these apps, that you check that you are using WiFi and you are not using mobile data unintentionally, since the consumption of these can be high and be a real chore if you do not have a high rate. However, if you have no choice but to 'pull' data you can do it, since the apps do not prevent it.

My TV Online

apps to watch tv online for free iphone ipad Download Mi Televisión Online for free by clicking here

As we said before, there are many apps that offer online television channels on iOS. However, there is one that stands out above the rest, at least in our opinion. That app is Mi Televisión Online, which not only has TV channels Spain , but offers a wide range of television channels from other countries such as Argentina, Mexico, United States and some more. Although you have to keep in mind that watching TV online has a certain delay compared to watching it via cable or antenna, this app manages that delay very well, making it just a few seconds.

Synchro TV Guide

apps to watch tv online for free iphone ipad Download Sincro TV Guide for free by clicking here

Ok, you got us, this is not an application as such to watch television but it has other very interesting functions. In addition, we insist that the previous app is ideal for watching TV online. In Sincro TV Guide what you will find is a comprehensive guide in which learn all about your favorite shows. It even has a functionality of reminder not to miss the premieres that interest you. You will love its simple and dynamic interface, highlighting its good search tool to find everything you need. Without a doubt, it is a good app to combine with Mi Televisión Online.

Have you already tried any of these apps? What did you think? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.