The best headset? AirPods Max or Beats Solo3 — 2022

Apple looks like a real headphone manufacturing machine. It has a wide variety of Beats models currently on the market, and of course, all the different versions of the AirPods. Well, in this post we are just going to compare two of its great exponents, the AirPods Max and the Beats Solo3. Do you want to know which of the two is better for you?

Main features

Before going fully into a point-by-point analysis of both the different aspects of both headphones and the similarities that you can find, we want you to be very clear about the main technical characteristics that both the AirPods Max and the Beats Solo3 present. In this way you will be able to understand much better and analyze with us the most important points of this comparison. Then we leave you the table with all the information about each of them.

CharacteristicAirPods MaxBeats Solo3 Wireless
Active noise cancellationYesYes
ambient sound modeYesDo not
Spatial audio with dynamic head trackingYesDo not
adaptive equalizationYesDo not
Sweat and water resistanceDo notDo not
connectionsBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 4.0
Hey SiriYesYes
Autonomy- Up to 20 hours of audio playback.- Up to 40 hours of audio playback.
Automatic device change.YesDo not
microphones- Eight microphones for active noise cancellation
- Three microphones to pick up the voice (two shared with active noise cancellation and one additional)
Dual microphones with beamforming technology let you answer calls, skip songs, adjust volume and activate Siri without leaving what you're doing
Headphone dimensions and weight- Height: 18.13 cm
- Width: 16.86cm
- Thickness: 8.34cm
- Weight: 384.8g
- Height: 6.8 cm
- Length: 17,7 cm
- Width: 15.8cm
- Weight: 215g
price on Apple€629€199.95

Significant differences

With all the data about these headphones on the table, it's time to first focus on the points that differentiate these two products. From the outset, what you have to know is that, despite entering to compete more or less in the same sector of the market, surely Apple has destined each of these headphones to two audiences that seek objectives and that have different needs. However, below we will list the main differences, before going fully into each of them.

    Design. It is obvious that they are two headphones that, although both are very careful at the design level and are attractive to the general public, the reality is that they are completely different in construction. headphone size. Despite being both Over Ear headphones, the size is radically different, the AirPods Max are much larger, making even the earphone itself capable of embracing the entire ear while the Beats Solo3 are placed on top of it, thus having a much smaller size.

AirPods Max

    Noise Cancellation. This is one of the most differential points when talking about these two headphones. Later we will talk about what it means that the AirPods Max have noise cancellation and the Beats Solo3 do not. Sound. Beats headphones always sound and have sounded great, but the reality is that the AirPods Max are several steps above in this regard. Synchronization with Apple devices. For users who think about acquiring one of these two devices and have a well-formed Apple ecosystem, this point can become a difference, and again, the AirPods are the ones that take the prize.

Two completely different headphones aesthetically

We start the comparison talking about the design that you can find in both the AirPods Max and the Beats Solo3. I honestly do with two very attractive headphones , each with its style are capable of seducing the looks of practically all users. However, and this is a very subjective point for each person, the AirPods Max can attract attention for various details, since they are really different from the rest of the alternatives on the market.

Beats Solo3 rosas

On the other hand, the Beats Solo3 have a very traditional design, but also a truly iconic one, since Beats has been the brand that has surely worked more and better at the design level, ensuring that practically everyone is able to identify headphones of this trade mark. It is also necessary to take into account in this section the different finishes with which both equipment can be purchased. They are the following.

    AirPods Max:
      Silver. space gray Sky Blue. Pink. Green.
    Beats Solo3:
      Pink gold. Black. Red.

AirPods Max controls

In addition, at the design level, several points and details that the AirPods Max have must also be highlighted. First Diadem It is completely different from what is usually found in headphones, being a micro-perforated mesh. Another detail that cannot go unnoticed is the corona digital found on the right earcup, which is exactly the same as the one users have on the Apple Watch. Without a doubt, it is difficult to find headphones that are more and better cared for in terms of design than the AirPods Max.

Does noise cancellation matter?

As the years have passed, one of the features that many headphones have acquired and that, therefore, has gained importance given how practical and useful it is on a day-to-day basis is noise cancellation. There is a clear difference here, and that is that the Beats Solo3 have a small passive noise cancellation , that is, they will simply isolate you because they are Over Ear headphones that sit on your ear, not because they have technology that causes said cancellation.

Apple AirPods Max

On the part of the AirPods Max, we can say that these headphones are one of the best exponents in terms of noise cancellation is concerned, not to say the best. In addition, with them you will not only be able to completely isolate yourself from all outside sound, but they also have the popular ambient mode. This is another way of dealing with outside noise, since if with noise cancellation what is achieved is to isolate yourself, with this mode the objective is just the opposite, to make it possible for you to hear the outside better with the headphones on, even if don't wear anything This functionality is great to be able to start conversations when you use the headphones without having to take them off, as well as to work inside an office and be aware of what is happening in it.

Sound quality

Obviously, one of the most important points when talking about headphones is the sound quality that they emit and provide to their users. After all, the main function of helmets is to make people enjoy your favorite music , in addition to being able to use them to listen to podcasts or other types of content.

Beats Solo3 red

As we have told you before, in this sense both behave very well within their range, that is, and this must be taken into account during all points of the comparison, they are two headphones that are focused on completely different audiences. , both for needs, pretensions as well as for price. Therefore, both fulfill what is asked of them really well.

AirPods Max Design

The Beats Solo3 are headphones that offer a good sound quality , although it is true that the AirPods Max, how could it be otherwise, far exceed it, ranking as one of the best headphones on the market , as they offer a really wonderful sound quality. In addition, you also have to keep in mind that AirPods support spatial audio from Apple Music.


This is one of the points where the Beats Solo3 are capable of surpassing the AirPods Max, but it is not something that should surprise you either, since obviously headphones that at a technological level have much more charge, in order to also offer many more functionalities, causes the energy they need to offer that user experience to be greater, and therefore, the autonomy better.

In the case of the Beats Solo3 we find a autonomy up to 40 hours of music playback, a real madness that will make all its users practically ignore charging these headphones for days. However, and here there is a big difference, we repeat, the AirPods Max only arrive at 20 hours of autonomy.

Beats solo3

One point that we cannot miss when talking about autonomy is the way to charge them and, of course, the presence or not, of fast charging, for those moments of urgency in which you need yes or yes to have something of autonomy in your headphones. On the part of the Beats Solo3, to charge them they have a port Micro USB , while the AirPods Max maintain the traditional port Lightning . In this sense, both lack the presence of what is already the standard for ports, the USB-C- In terms of fast charging with 5 minutes of charging, the Beats Solo3 offer up to 3 hours of music playback while the AirPods Max stay in 1.5 hours.


One of the points that must be touched when we talk about Apple headphones is their compatibility and how they work within the entire ecosystem. The first thing you have to know is that both are paired with the different devices through Bluetooth , which means that, obviously, not only users who have Apple equipment will be able to enjoy the user experience offered by both the Beats Solo3 and the AirPods Max.

Apple AirPods Max

However, how do both work within an ecosystem made up of Apple teams? The reality is that the Beats Solo3 are not bad at it, however, it cannot be compared to the way that the AirPods Max have to pair and connect with all the devices that are associated with the same Apple ID. It is undoubtedly one of the advantages and tricks with which the Cupertino company has always played, since the experience it provides in this regard could not be more positive.


We are finishing this comparison, but one point to focus on is, obviously, the price that users will have to pay if they want to purchase one of these two headphones. The reality is that neither of them has an economic price based on the benefits they offer, with more or less similar options on the market at a lower price.

beats solo3 negros

The Beats Solo3 can be found in the Apple Store for a price of €199.95 Although if you go to platforms like Amazon, these are usually available at a slight discount. For their part, the AirPods Max amount to €629 in the Apple Store, but in the same way, also in Amazon and other stores they usually have, in this case, more interesting discounts that make your purchase very interesting.

Conclusion, which one is more worth it?

Obviously, to finish this headphone comparison, we want to tell you what our point of view is. What you do have to take into account is that what comes from now on is a completely personal opinion , which is conditioned by specific needs and tastes, so we encourage you to be yourself who decides which of these two headphones best suits your tastes and needs.

AirPods Max headband

It is clear that if we take into account the official price of both devices, they are two headphones that for the price they have could offer something more, especially if we talk about the Beats Solo3, since in the AirPods Max that increase compared to the competition It can be justified by the construction materials and the completely groundbreaking design. Now, with AirPods, even though they are expensive headphones, the experience they offer you is very satisfactory , to the delight of the vast majority of users who buy them. However, the Beats Solo3 surely do not deserve the price they have, since for 199.95 euros you can find superior options in terms of features on the market.