Best accessories of the week for your Apple devices — 2022

As it has become a constant every week on this website, we bring you a compilation in which we highlight some of the best accessories compatible with Apple devices that we can buy at a good price. These can be from cases compatible with iPhone or iPad, gadgets that help take better photographs or even things that help improve your privacy using the Mac as you will see in this article. In addition, the iPhone ones areiOS compatible accessories.

Best accessories for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch

Photography pack for iPhone

photography lenses tripod iphone You can purchase this photography pack from €22 by clicking here

We have no doubt that one of the greatest attractions of an iPhone today is the versatility it offers us to take photos. Therefore, with this pack we can further improve our photographs thanks to the different objectives that it includes and a tripod with which to enjoy a very good stability. The most outstanding objectives that these lenses bring are the wide angle, macro mode and fisheye. With this pack you can also improve the experience foruse iPhone as a webcam, and even use it as a tripod whenconnect your slr camera to mac.

Sticker to cover the camera of the Mac

macbook camera sticker You can purchase a pack of 3 camera stickers for €4.95 by clicking here

Not that any recent vulnerability has been discovered in macOS that endangers our security, however always recommended cover the camera of our computer in order to avoid any type of privacy problem. The advantage of the product that we show is that we can have the webcam covered and uncover it whenever we want without any problem thanks to its simple mechanism in which it will be visible again by simply sliding it.

MacBook screen filter that prevents prying eyes

macbook screen filter You can purchase this filter from €38.90 by clicking here

If you are very jealous of your privacy while using your computer, this screen filter is ideal for you. Although its price is not cheap in the strictest sense of the word, the truth is that it is worth it. Its materials are of very good quality and will allow From a front angle you can see the screen perfectly but not from other angles. In addition, the way to place it is really simple.

Cheap straps for Apple Watch

cheap apple watch straps You can buy these silicone straps from €1.77 by clicking here

Obviously these straps for Apple Watch are not identical in terms of materials to those of Apple, but they look a lot alike aesthetically . For the price they are worth, they fulfill more than enough. Personally, I have to admit that I have several of these straps and I am having a very good experience with them.

cheap straps for apple watch You can buy these Milanese straps from €2.36 by clicking here

Without a doubt, these straps are one of the most e legantes for the Apple Watch. Their magnet closure It also allows us to adjust it in many different ways until they adapt to our wrist. They are available in various colors and, like the previous ones, are very cheap.

Folding keyboard for iPad

best keyboards for ipad You can buy this keyboard for iPad for less than €20 by clicking here

Writing on a device like the iPad can be uncomfortable at times, so having a external physical keyboard can be a great solution. This keyboard is not only cheap and has good typing quality, but it stands out for being extremely light and portable by being able to fold it quickly to transport it easily, which added to aUSB-C hub that allows you to connect multiple devices,They will bring out the full potential of your iPad.

Have you tried any of these accessories? What did you think? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.