Benchmarks confirm that the performance of the iPhone XR is identical to the iPhone XS — 2022

The iPhone XR has been harshly criticized for the differences with the iPhone XS and XS Max and Apple's decision to sell it for more than 800 euros. As we have seen in thereview we have done in La Manzana MordidaThere are not so many differences with the rest of the iPhone of this year or with the iPhone X of the year 2017, among other things because incorporates the same processor, the A12 Bionic chip, and the latest benchmarks give very similar results on CPU and GPU.

The iPhone XR has spectacular performance

Today Macworld has published the iPhone XR benchmark and have put it in comparison with other devices like the iPhone XS, XS Max or last year's iPhone X.

benchmarks iPhone XR

The results are amazing as are in line with those obtained on an iPhone XS or XS Max , within the margin of error. We see in the previous graph that the iPhone XR is 13% faster single-core than the previous year's iPhone with which it is being unfairly compared, and 10% in Multi-core.

If we go on to talk about the performance of the GPU, we can see that there is a notable difference in this case with the iPhone X of almost 40% and even exceeds the score obtained by the iPhone XS and XS Max probably because of the lower screen resolution so the tests will run much faster on the screen.