Belkin iPhone X Screen Protectors Now Available — 2022

If something is going to cause us a lot of objection when having an iPhone X in our hands, it is that something happens to it, because the price it has deserves no less . A few hours ago we told you at Apple 5×1 that iPhone X repairs it will cost us a lot if we have to go through the box . To give you an idea, repairing the OLED screen of the iPhone X can cost more than 300 euros. To avoid this, We recommend using covers and tempered glass to prevent breakage. , although it is a terminal made of glass and we should ensure it, because a slight drop can cause the front or rear video to break. So if you wantput a screen protector on the iPhone, keep reading.

The screen protector, mandatory on an iPhone X

As I was saying, tempered glass is a good way to protect the screen of our iPhone X, and the one recommended by Apple is already available in the Apple Store for you to purchase.

Specifically, it is the Belkin brand, which Apple recommends. This is an InvisiGlass Ultra with a 0.21mm thick glass reinforced with Corning technology, the manufacturer of the iPhone screens themselves. According to sources from the company that manufactures them, the scratch resistance of the iPhone X is improved by up to five times, increasing up to a 25% protection against cracking and breaking.

In addition to this resistance, it is also anti-reflection. This means that the reflections of sunlight will not affect your eyes as much. With this, we will improve our experience when viewing the screen in bright conditions.

In the Apple Store we will find two types of protectors . The normal one that is priced at €19.95 and a more pro version called InvisiGlass Ultra that is priced at €29.95. You can buy these and install them at home, since the pack includes everything you need to do it easily, in addition to including the typical cloth.

You can also choose to have it professionally installed at an Apple Store. Tell us in the comment box what you think about it.